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Founded in 2017 by Ajeenkya D Y Patil University-School of Hotel Management, Lohegaon Pune; Chefs Club is a Young collegians group of HM students that features some of the world’s best Chefs in iconic locations of National & International level.

The ADYPU-SHM Chefs Club is meant for the budding chefs of the Hotel Management Programme, to horn their skills in food production department. Our newsletter aims to inculcate the young aspirants, ability to research and share knowledge at different levels of the food production repertoire. Culinary world represents food & beverages production, its presentation & display. Now a days food production it is not only restricted to production but also craftsmanship & artistic work something beyond regular work. There is huge growth & development happened in last few years in culinary world which increased bar higher.

Chef is an artist who really strives harder to match current trends & customer ultimate expectations regarding food & its presentation. While in food production various new concepts have been introduced such as pulled sugar art, vegetable & fruit carving, molecular gastronomy, flambéing, mixology, food & wine pairing, artificial coloring and many more. Besides all, any advancement & development are subjects to proper utilization of arts within chef to achieve ultimate satisfaction of a true food lover.

Every month our professional catering team will be hosting a differently Culinary Themed workshop, where young chefs can learn new skills and cook some amazing things. Each session covers all ingredients, equipment and chefs’ apron. All the workshops run on a Monday to Friday and are held at our ADYPU-School of Hotel Management campus.

Each session will run from 10.30am – 1.30pm

The ADYPU-SHM Chefs Club organizes events and activities to give today’s youth a platform to showcase their culinary talent. Regular activities are organized at ADYPU-SHM for students by the organizing committee. Organizing Committee members are elected by the students of each semester from each course. Activities are scheduled throughout the year to boost the talents of students leading to their overall development. Our most popular events include Chefs Competition, International Chefs day, Worlds Breads day, International Theme Lunch & Brunch, Traditional Cake Mixing Ceremony, Ajeenkya Food Festival, Master Classes of Culinary Cuisines, Culinary Workshop/Practical, Food Donation activity, Chairman Sir Birthday, Shivaji Market Visits, Chocolate Factory Visit, Culinary Experts Talks Sessions, Veg. & Fruit Carving workshop etc.

“Happiness travels from Stomach to Humans Brain” which is magic of good chef.

Debating Society

Margaret Heffernan said it best when she said:

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”

Debating is a novice art and if not done right, it can lead to absolute and utter chaos. Joining a debating society in college opens your world to a plethora of knowledge, arguments and questions. Most importantly, it makes you confident to face the world head on.

As a member of ADYPU Debating Society, students get opportunity to travel to competitions which are great way to make new friends, improve your debating skills, and boost your CV. Students from all the schools at ADYPU participate for debating experience. This allows them to engage with the prevailing issues of the day, as well as arguments that have persistently challenged society.

Debating Society at Ajeenkya D Y Patil University conducts two debates every month, on the 2nd and 4th Friday at 4:00 pm in the University Learning Centre and training sessions on the 1st and 3rd Friday at 4:00 PM in the ULC.

Members who join our society will develop critical thinking, the ability to explore conflicting ideas and an improved oratorical ability which will be useful in any area of life. This society will also aid in honing personal confidence through public speaking. The club is designed to allow students to progress as fast and as far as their aptitudes and diligence permit.

Greentech Club:

As we all know that conventional mode of energy sources are getting extinct day by day!!! So we can think of an alternative mode of natural sources right from lighting a bulb to running an aircraft. Not only limited to this, but we can bring out any idea or concepts from these sources ( Eg. wind, water, solar, grasses, flowers, plants etc.).

The idea behind opening this club is to extract different new ideas, concepts and techniques that can enhance the quality of life by troubleshooting the real world issues and moreover offers a pollution free environment.

Greentech club activities mainly focus on:

  • Studying and developing green projects
  • Writing articles or papers on any new concepts related to green science.
  • Keeping expert talks from various expertise
  • Conducting workshops and seminars.
  • Waste management, water recycles

Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty Dr. Aishwarya Dash and Dr. Debirupa Hore, students have completed following projects

Undergoing Project-

  • Leaf Pack- Breathe. Clean. (by Pritish, Bhavil, Anuska 6th sem mechatronics)
  • Automated Waste segregation system-(by Raushan, Khitij, Vishal 6th sem mechatronics)

Matheletics Club:

The aim and objective of the club are to conduct brainstorming activities for students all over the campus and to promote them to think out of the box. Every semester members of the club conducts different activities for the students and all ADYPU family members. Few activities organized by the Matheletics Club –


The “Matheletes” club of ADYPU has organized “Spectrum” Event for the students as well as the staff of ADYPU in the month of February. It included fun activities like Puzzles and Sudoku which would be given to students to solve twice a week (every Monday and Wednesday).

One Day Workshop on “Introduction to Basic Computing in Python”

Python is a widely used Programming language. To give basic understating of Language and hands on training using python Matheletics club conducted one day workshop for B.Tech (Sem-3) students. The workshop was conducted in association with FOSSEE (Free and Open Source Software in Education). The content of the workshop designed, developed and presented by Prof. Prabhu Ramchandran and FOSSEE team, IIT, Bombay.