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About Us

Dr. Edmond Maher

Vice Chancellor –
Ajeenkya DY Patil University

Edmond Maher has 20 years’ senior educational leadership experience. Using a team-based approach, each institute he has led delivered significant and measurable improvement, broadened educational opportunities and boosted results. In Australia, additional to his educational leadership responsibilities, Ed served on government committees to assess capital grant applications and inspect schools. He also initiated and oversaw professional development of staff and leaders at an institution and systems level and has repeatedly contributed to NGOs through leadership projects and training. He enjoys start-ups and leading and supporting organisations with an ambitious vision and innovative agenda.

His academic qualifications include a doctorate in education policy, in inter-agency and inter-governmental decision-making. One of his masters degrees is in leading educational change, the other in inter-cultural studies. Whilst Ed’s research interest remains primarily in policy studies, he is also researching the impact of teaching pedagogies on student learning. Professional development of faculty remains his long-standing passion. He has studied and worked in Australia, the USA, UK, Belgium and the Asia-Pacific region. This three-year appointment as Vice Chancellor of ADYPU will be his first post in India.

Concurrent with ADYPU responsibilities, Ed is a professor at Antwerp Management School and academic mentor of Executive PhD candidates. In a voluntary capacity, he also supports and advises schools and universities in problem solving and research driven development.

Although Ed has spent almost his entire career in senior leadership, he describes himself primarily as a learner. He judges the value of his work by development in the organisations he is leading, by what students know and can do and through the values they live by.


Ed’s vision for the university’s future is that together we make sure that innovation is part of the very fabric of our university. Learning and teaching continually improve, with innovation at the centre. Some innovations are so good that they are taken up by industry and society.

We know that getting to the leading edge and staying there is difficult. But we also know that, with determination, we will be a thought and innovation leader. We prove our strength through our student’s achievements, through our faculty’s achievements and through our university’s achievements.

We are globally connected with influential universities, companies and organisations. Students graduate with a track record of success on global project teams and the proven ability to work across cultures. Part of our unique contribution is sharing insight into Indian cultures, approaches and development. Our international reputation as a prestigious and innovative hub builds continuously.

We contribute to higher education by measuring the impact of teaching and assessment techniques on student outcomes and publishing the results. By doing this we refine our teaching methods and sustain our energies.

Each year, we see how much closer we have moved to this vision. As we overcome hurdles and thrive on achievement, our vision grows.