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The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC) is a dynamic hub dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across all schools within the university. EIC is dedicated to providing a robust platform for fostering innovation, nurturing entrepreneurship, and creating a supportive ecosystem that empowers individuals to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations and contribute positively to society.


The vision of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC) policy is to support Highly Educated Individuals (HEIs) by fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The goal is to adopt social and industry-oriented innovations across all sectors and levels, strengthening the EIC ecosystem. Under the name of Ajeenkya Innovation Centre (AIC), the EIC aims to streamline and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial landscape .


  • Provide a platform for faculty, students, and start-ups to nurture innovative ideas.
  • Develop an ecosystem that facilitates the journey from ideation to commercialization opportunities.
  • Aim to advance at least a dozen participants to the next level during the academic year 2024-25.


  • Innovative Framework: We endeavor to establish robust mechanisms and guidelines to nurture a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Talent Cultivation: Our focus lies in identifying and empowering individuals with creative potential and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Mentorship Network: Establishing a vibrant network to provide continuous support and guidance.
  • Infrastructure for Innovation: We are committed to creating advanced infrastructure facilities to ignite innovation and foster the growth of start-ups.
  • Strategic Partnerships: fostering internal and external collaboration to leverage diverse expertise and resources .
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence: to elevate the quantity and quality of entrepreneurs and innovations across all schools of ADYPU.
  • Cultivating Innovation: We aspire to inspire students to think creatively, embrace challenges, and transform ideas into impactful ventures.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Excellence:
The EIC Advantage

  • Practical Experience: Engaging in EIC initiatives allows students to gain hands-on experience, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application.
  • Critical Problem-Solving Skills: Through EIC activities, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by tackling real-world challenges and finding innovative solutions.
  • Professional Network: EIC provides a platform for students to network with industry experts, mentors, and peers, expanding their professional connections and opportunities.
  • Access to Resources: Students benefit from access to seed funding, incubation facilities, and exposure to industry experts through EIC, enabling them to kickstart their entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Market-Ready Enterprises: With the support of EIC, students can transform their innovative concepts into viable, market-ready enterprises, preparing them for success in the competitive business landscape.
  • Empowering Visionary Leaders: EIC serves as a driving force in empowering students to become visionary leaders and trailblazers in entrepreneurship, contributing to economic growth and societal progress.

A dedicated 2,500 square-foot space at EIC is exclusively designated for Invention, Innovation, and Incubation activities, equipped with:

Versatile meeting rooms
Office spaces
State-of-the-art maker labs
Networking Opportunities
Access to Funding
Training and Workshop
Training and Workshop
Investor’s Pitching Events
Specialised Support Program

EIC Expertise

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship among our students. With a diverse range of experience and specialized knowledge, our in-house experts play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

  • Business Model Assessment: Our experienced analysts conduct thorough assessments to optimize business models for growth and profitability.
  • Go-to-Market Evaluation: Our experts provide insights to refine market entry strategies, target audiences, and distribution channels for enhanced market penetration.
  • Technology Transfer Support: Facilitating seamless technology transfers, our team offers guidance in negotiating licenses and collaborations to drive innovation and commercialization.
  • Business Support Services: Tailored assistance in business planning, strategy development, financial modeling, and funding guidance empowers entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Intellectual Property Support Policy: Crafted by legal and IP experts, our policy offers clear guidelines for protecting and managing intellectual property assets.

Centre for Innovation
Ignite, Innovate
and Impact

  • The Centre for Innovation Centre is a hub for experiential and project-based learning where;
  • Students collaborate to address industry and societal challenges, ensuring readiness for every career stage and contributing to India’s growth story.
  • Projects, sponsored by industry partners or initiated by students, follow an iterative process guided by industry experts and academic mentors.
  • Learning is prioritized, with students leading various events and research-driven learning practices.
  • Embracing the latest trends in education, we provide dynamic and engaging learning experiences.
  • Committed to preparing students for success in today’s interconnected and fast-paced world we offer transformative educational experiences.


As an innovation-inclined university, the university is the perfect place for entrepreneurs and students with an innovative spirit to bring fresh ideas to life, new technologies, and nurture startup ventures.

Transforming an entrepreneurial idea into a profitable business isn’t a cakewalk. That’s where the ADYPU incubator fits in the puzzle to provide support, mentoring, and a favorable ecosystem to help your ecosystem thrive.

The incubator nurtures ideas into market-ready products, offers business expertise, legal guidance, and boosts your success rates by reducing costs and mitigating failures!



Incubator Startups
Belong to the
Wider Community


Startups Come

So, welcome future pioneers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers! We are here to turn your promising dreams into game-changing businesses. Let’s fuel our curiosity and courage to shape the heart of innovation together!

Our Role

We are continuously on the look out for innovative technology ideas. We facilitate out of the box ideas by developing them with an actionable business model, examine their market viability and develop a business plan.

We offer services to empower businesses right from legal services to services for business incorporation, marketing to protection of your intellectual property.

Our mentors act as a coach on your journey to success. We have experienced and passionate mentors who will help accelerate your growth.

Our panel of advisors provide strategic advice at regular intervals to ensure that you are on track. Startups at the incubator present their business plan and its progress. A carefully selected panel will provide inputs, strategic guidance and answer concerns and queries.

We bring together interested students and professionals in relevant fields to face concrete business challenges in a timed manner.

This initiative is aimed at gathering the best innovative ideas in a specific field and providing the ideator with the structured toolbox necessary to realize worthwhile business ventures or to pair with someone having complementing expertise.

We help companies meet specific innovation needs by identifying startups and supporting the development of new innovative technologies as well as identifying opportunities to invest in high-tech startups. We offer long-term relationships to our corporate partners to complement their innovation requirements and respond with a tailored approach.

We help the ventures to raise the funding from private or public sources by guiding them, and making them investment ready through activities such as investment strategy, preparing executive summary and delivering a compelling ‘elevator pitch'.

Virtual membership is a perfect solution for startups already having a workspace and those who are looking for business and investment support.

ADYPU runs several courses, which are conducive for startups. The ventures at the incubator have instant access to these courses. Individuals can enroll for the courses of interest on a credit basis.

ADYPU runs several courses, which are conducive for startups. The ventures at the incubator have instant access to these courses. Individuals can enroll for the courses of interest on a credit basis.


Elevate from Idea to Incubation

The ADYPU Incubator offers crucial support for early-stage ventures. Our collaborative, entrepreneurial environment and shared resources provided the much-needed headstart for the success of businesses.

Advanced Facilities

We provide affordable, up-to-date co-working spaces, well-equipped meeting rooms, modern laboratories, and equipment.

Networking Opportunities

We organize regular events, workshops, talks, and mentor meetings to offer exceptional networking opportunities to young entrepreneurs.

Professional Guidance

We provide legal, accounting, intellectual property, sales & marketing, branding, and design services.


Along with the crucial infrastructure, the university has ample parking, high-speed WiFi connection, business mail addresses, and more.

Services For

The ADYPU Incubator is a golden opportunity for students to transform from a #IHaveAnIdea to a #IDidIt phase. We welcome business plans with open arms and promise to make them viable for success for you.

Those young minds accepted to the program are encouraged to think out of the box, collaborate with their like-minded peers, and present their unique projects at the time of conclusion. This non-credit initiative nurtures entrepreneurial spirit and imparts crucial practical skills for a business’s success.

We offer two programs as follows:


Weeks Entry-Level


Weeks Extensive

5 Weeks Entry-Level Program engineered to usher young minds into the dynamic and constantly evolving world of startups. A half day program, running weekly over 5-weeks once each semester, encourages activity-based challenges and interactive workshops to develop innovative ideas.  

Registration of the program can be initiated, with or without an idea, solo or team. No extensive computing skills, or startup knowledge, just determination, creativity and boundless passion will do wonders! 

14 Weeks Extensive Program the first sure step in the world of startups. The idea must help solve a problem, be scalable, and should have a significant impact on your target market. The program will help shape the direction of a business based on what the young minds learn in the workshops from the mentors. 

During the program, an applicant will have developed their idea’s first version and acquired their first customer. Then, a pitch must be presented to an audience of fellow students, investors, and business people. After you have graduated from the program, we will help you to go on to the next stage. Finally, a panel of business leaders and entrepreneurs will evaluate your application. 

There is no fee for attending the program. Instead, ADYPU takes equity in a business for success. The program requires a full-time commitment from you; after all this is your business.

Entry Level

This is an introductory program providing you with an entry into the world of startups. Through activity based challenges, the program helps to develop your ideas and evolve them into an early-stage startup. The program runs for half a day each week over a five week period once in each semester.
You can register for the program even if you are with an idea or without an idea, with a team or all by yourself. You don’t need to have deep computing skills or knowledge about the startups or business. All you need is determination to succeed, creativity and unbounded passion.


Join our 14-week program, your first definitive step into the world of startups. Shape your business’s trajectory with insights from workshops and mentors, and enjoy full-time commitment to your entrepreneurial goals.

Our comprehensive support includes learning, mentoring, dedicated office access, and financial backing, all without upfront fees; we share in your business’s equity, partnering with you for success.

Your dedication is essential, as this is your business. If you have an idea, we’ll assist in its development, provided it addresses a real problem, has scalability, and a significant impact on your target market. By program’s end, you’ll have a prototype and your first customer. Then, present your pitch on Pitch Day to students, investors, and business professionals. After graduating, we’ll guide you to the next stage, evaluated by a panel of experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs.

ADYPU takes out a maximum of


Cycles in
Each Year

With acceptance of


Startups in
Each Cycle

During the


Weeks Period It is
mandatory to attend
all workshops
and sessions.

The ADYPU Incubator
Evaluation Stages

Online Application


Declaration of
selected applications

In Stages 1 and 2,
we seek...

  • Clarity on defining the problem
  • Problem Solving Approach 
  • Customer Evaluation
  • Market and Competitors
  • Go-To Market Strategy
  • Expected 3-Month Outcomes

Get ready to dive in, push the boundaries, ignore the doubters, scale the hurdles.

From Concept to Creation: Empowering Innovators to Shape the Future.

Services for

Welcome to the Incubator for startups, where a business-oriented mindset will get ample opportunities to grow, connect, and receive top-notch mentoring. With us, you create high-growth, totally focused, and cutting-edge ventures.

Share your groundbreaking ideas or technology with us – we’re open to fresh thoughts with no restrictions or doubts!

We’re keen on knowledge-based, commercially promising ideas, and flexible to accommodate each unique venture!

The Customer

Your target market should be clearly defined along with the identification of customer problems to address.

The Product

Your prototype should be ready or in the process of getting created.

The Market

potential market size is determined, key competitors are identified and differentiation has been established.

The Learnings

Embrace learning, take advice from seniors, and know more about your customers.

The Determination

Are you ready to commit to the exciting challenges?

The Risks

Are you prepared for the challenges and trade-offs in launching the venture?

We accept rolling applications. Once your application is submitted we will evaluate it and schedule an interview.

Meet the Dean

Sanjay Nibhande