Our commitment to holistic education is reflected in our General Education across all undergraduate programs.


– Non Engineering


– Engineering and
Design Programs

T-Shaped Professionals

Education at ADYPU transcends the conventional assembly line, aiming to shape individuals into T-shaped professionals. Unlike “machine men with machine minds and machine hearts,” our focus is on crafting better human beings, fostering versatility beyond mere professional expertise.

360° Approach to General Education

Our triangular approach symbolizes stability and structural integrity within minimalist parameters. Expression, Logic, Identity, and Innovation are the pillars of this triangle, contributing to a well-rounded education that develops awareness across conscious senses, thoughts and feelings, beliefs, and values.


Communication is fundamental to humanity’s essence, evolving from non-verbal to digital forms. Our holistic approach ensures students excel in traditional and modern communication skills, crucial in today’s knowledge-driven economy.


Beyond deductive and inductive reasoning, our curriculum embraces abductive reasoning and Design Thinking. This approach fosters analytical and imaginative thinking, encouraging free thought and dreaming—the seeds of innovation.


Our education integrates cultural, national, social, psychological, and anthropological identities, emphasizing selflessness over selfishness. Students develop a rounded world-view, understanding that the world is a family.


Innovation is a prized possession at ADYPU. Our approach fosters originality, inventiveness, and an entrepreneurial mindset, considering innovation an attitude and a structured process. We believe in innovation with empathy and sensitivity, striving for the welfare of all sections of society.