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Ajeenkya D Y Patil University (ADYPU) stands at the forefront of innovation and intellectual property, continually pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creativity. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we have made significant contributions to the world of patents, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Our commitment to promoting groundbreaking research and innovation has led to a remarkable portfolio of patents that reflect our dedication to driving positive change and leaving a lasting impact on various fields. Welcome to the world of ADYPU, where innovation thrives and ideas become patents that shape the future.

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty/Student Author of the patent Patent Number Title of Invention Field of Invention Date of Award/Published
1 Dr Biswajeet Champaty 202121038822 Device, system method for wireless control of medical device Bio-Medical Engineering December 31, 2021
2 Dr Biswajeet Champaty 2021106612 invalid November 24, 2021
3 Aiswarya Dash, Dr Biswajeet Champaty 2021106609 invalid October 10, 2021
4 Dr Biswajeet Champaty 2021107373 invalid December 15, 2021
5 Nirupama Prakash 202141058070 Improve civility by employing euphemisms in non-hostile verbal conversation Computer Science December 17, 2021

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty/Student Author of the patent Patent Number Title of Invention Field of Invention Date of Award/Published
1 Dr Biswajeet Champaty 202241006224 A framework to measure the public health interventions Bio-Medical Engineering November 2, 2022
2 Dr Chandrashekhar Kumbhar 202221019898 A smart mangal sutra to guide pregnant woman in an emergency using IOT. Computer Science April 22, 2022
3 Dr Shubham Mahajan 202022106151 invalid November 11, 2022
4 Dr Biswajeet Champaty,Aiswarya Dash,Uttam kumar 2221072657 invalid December 30, 2022
5 Mr Shailendra Kumar Rawat 202221021099 Machine learning-based automatic electrodiagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome Biomedical Engineering April 22, 2022
6 Dr Prashant Kumar 366344-001 invalid June 19, 2022
7 Nirupama Prakash 202221005295 Socio-Artistic model to Measure the culture heritage enviroment Metallurgy February 25, 2022
8 Prashant Adsule 202241010379 Machine learning based technique the ratio of Pruses opted by students Computer Science April 1, 2022
9 Prashant Adsule 202241014319 A framework of sensors to identify the nutritional value of mushroom-based on the structure Computer Science January 1, 2022
10 Prashant Adsule 202241021305 Implementation of multi-junction solar cell for increasing the efficiency of solar panel Electronics February 22, 2022
11 Prashant Adsule 202211028755 A Machine learning approach to predict the growth of tourism Computer Science March 17, 2022
12 Prashant Adsule 202241032073 Artificial Intelligence-based approach to predict the regeneration of genetically modified plants and detect there crop yield capacity. Biotechnology February 4, 2022
13 Prashant Adsule 202211050417 Designing a smart methodology for maintaining humidity with energy-saving unit to create a definite enviroment Chemical September 7, 2022
14 Prashant Adsule 202241064454 Machine learning-based approach to predict the impact of anti-microbial resistance for animal production Computer Science September 8, 2022
15 Prashant Adsule 202341007257 Early stress detection and monitoring system using the machine learning approaches integrated with internet things Computer Science December 12, 2022
16 Dr Vijay Kulkarni 202221034111 System & method in improving employee morale Computer Science June 14, 2022
17 Chinmoy Goswami 202211071263 Financial monitoring of data in enterprise knowledge management Computer Science September 12, 2022
18 Chinmoy Goswami 202221053812 The impact of green marketing on the consumer behaviour Computer Science September 20, 2022
19 Dr Ninad Gawande 202241053820 Role of AI and blockchain in making various segments of the financial sector Communication September 20, 2022
20 Dr Ninad Gawande 202211041671 Customer satisfaction with references to the financial services in DJS stocks Computer Science July 21, 2022

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty/Student Author of the patent Patent Number Title of Invention Field of Invention Date of Award/Published
1 Dr Shubham Mahajan 202311003515 Multi-Objective Optimization technique for task Scheduling in cloud computing enviroment Computer Science January 27, 2023
2 Dr Shubham Mahajan 202341005248 Artificial intelligence healthcare chatbox system Computer Science February 24, 2023
3 Dr Shubham Mahajan 202321018053 Presenting information for real-time users in different environments by utilizing audio, video and text data with alternate combinable multimedia forms Computer Science June 4, 2023
4 Dr Shubham Mahajan 202311019751 Ensemble a deep learning-based system for disease detection Chemical December 12
5 Dr Shubham Mahajan 202321004190 IOTbased automatic wearable sensor for innovative healthcare monitoring system using WSN, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithm Biomedical Engineering March 14, 2023
6 Dr Biswajeet Champaty 202321019255 An efficient framework to detect lung cancer risk analysis using artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning techiques Biomedical Engineering July 4, 2023
7 Dr Biswajeet Champaty,Aiswarya Dash,Ipsita Priyadarshini Swain,Ravi Vikramkumar Gandhi,Anant R. More,Susanta Kumar Rout, Sameer Agrawal 202321017946 Human interference wheelchair control system by using ELECTROMYOGRAM (EMG) / ELECTROOCULOGRAM (EOG) for disable patients and old age person. Biomedical Engineering March 31, 2023
8 Dr Biswajeet Champaty,Aiswarya Dash,Uttam kumar 202321009097 IoT environment-based development healthcare monitoring system Biomedical Engineering February 24, 2023
9 Dr Biswajeet Champaty,Aiswarya Dash,Ranjit kumar 202321031106 Risk analysis of abdominal cancer prognosis in early stage Chemical June 16, 2023
10 Dr Biswajeet Champaty,Suraj kumar nayak,Ritika upadhya 202321019566 Understanding the effect of singing bowl meditation on cardiovascular activity: A heart rate variability (HRV) Approach Mechanical Engineering July 4, 2023
11 Dr Amol Kastur 202321029236 Convolutional neural network-based technique to identify the security and privacy issues in IoT-based big data cloud systems. Computer Science May 26, 2023
12 Ravi Khatri, Dr Saroj Kumar Nanda, Dr Himanshu Amritlal Patel, Vivek Ware, Ayushi Godiya, Bhargavi Dalal, Supriya Bhosale, Parmeshwari Aland 389646-001 not valid May 7, 2023
13 Shiva Prasad Uppu 202321014423 A design and construction of an assembled integral type frame structure system Communication March 17, 2023
14 Dr. Shubham Mahajan 202321053407 not yet published 08-09-2023
15 Isha Sood 391159-001 not valid July 26, 2023
16 Prashant Adsule 202311032276 A novel technique for establishing social presence and intimacy in teacher – student relationships Mechanical Engineering 04-09-2023
17 Prashant Adsule 202311048712 The role of machine learning in assessing potential and identifying talent in organizational Computer Science 06-11-2023
18 Prashant Adsule 202341035634 Artificial Intelligence-based maintenance of electric vehicle battery charging system Electrical January 7, 2023
19 Prashant Adsule 202341035282 Implementation and analysis of fractional derivated-based weighted skip connections for satellite image road segmentation Biomedical Engineering January 7, 2023
20 Prashant Adsule 202311058038 Implementation of hybrid deep learning and mathematical programming optimization approach for solid waste management during the pandemic Computer Science July 29, 2023
21 Prashant Adsule 202341066232 Integration of internet of things and machine learning techniques based approaches for plant disease detection and classification Computer Science 20-08-2023
22 Prashant Adsule 202321078095 Machine learning models to accurately predict the involvement of parents in modern education Computer Science 15-10-2023
23 Dr Shikha Singh 202341010595 Analysis of how real estate advertisements in media channels reach rural areas of people, India Mechanical Engineering February 16, 2023
24 Dr Shikha Singh 202341013963 Impact of 'MAKE IN INDIA' international marketing campaign towards Indian economy Computer Science February 3, 2023
25 Dr Barna Naidu 202311016737 Methodology to show the impact of E-recruitment from the perspective of job seekers Mechanical Engineering March 13, 2023
26 S.V.Pradeepa 6272418 not valid March 31, 2023
27 S.V.Pradeepa 202341009146 Challenges of curriculum design and evaluation Computer Science November 2, 2023
28 Chinmoy Goswami 202311016737 Methodology to show the impact of E-recruitment Mechancial Engineering March 13, 2023
29 Dr Sadhana Jadhav, Dr Ninad Gawande, Prof Chinmoy Goswami, Dr Shikha Singh, Prof Priya Bansal, Dr Barna Naidu 202311047984 A novel method for economic administration in fast-developing countries in South Asia Electrical July 17, 2023
30 Dr Bina Sarkar 202311033210 A systematic statistical measurement of the effect of stocktaking Computer Science 05-11-2023