Academic Council (IAC)

Fostering Global Academic
Exchange and Collaboration

ADYPU is committed to enhancing education and community service within the education ecosystem. IAC serves as a catalyst for transformative learning experiences, interdisciplinary collaboration, and cross-cultural dialogue that transcends borders and enriches the fabric of academic life.

International Academic Council (IAC) serves as a platform for promoting global collaboration and exchange in the field of education, research, culture, and sports. Through this initiative, the university aims to provide its students and faculty with enriching international experiences, fostering cross-cultural understanding and academic excellence. By partnering with universities, institutes, and organizations worldwide, the university seeks to create a vibrant ecosystem for global learning and innovation, preparing its stakeholders to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.


  • Building Collaborative Networks:
    Strengthening cooperation and collaboration between ADYPU and universities, institutions, corporations, forums, and individuals worldwide.
  • Facilitating Academic Activities:
    Organizing a spectrum of academic activities including webinars, workshops, training programs, seminars, and conferences to promote knowledge exchange.
  • Establishing Bilateral Exchange Programs:
    Forming Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with international universities, institutes, and forums to facilitate bilateral academic exchange programs
  • Enabling Student and Faculty Exchange:
    Initiating and regulating exchange programs for students, faculty, and cultural exchanges between ADYPU and educational institutions globally.
  • Collaborating in Educational Materials:
    Collaborating on publications, information, and other educational and research materials to enrich academic resources.
  • Promoting International Sports Tournaments:
    Collaborating with international educational organizations to organize international sports tournaments, fostering cultural exchange through sports.