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Certificate in Cyber Law

Duration :70 Hours (12 Weeks)

Eligibility : This program is best suited for aspirants wanting to build a career in Cyber Security and Cyber Law.

  • Classroom Sessions – 16 Hours (4 Sessions in 2 Days; 4 Hours per Session)
  • Project – 10 Hours
  • Case Study – 5 Hours
  • Self-Learning – 30 Hours
  • Webinar (session by Industry expert) – 9 Hours (6 Sessions; 1.5 Hours per Session)
  • LMS Access – 3 Months
  • Collaboration App (Moxtra) Access – 3 Months

Why the Program?

The learning outcomes will be:

  • Explain the basics of Cyber Security and Indian Cyber Law 
  • Illustrate Data Privacy Law in India, IT Act, Audit and Compliance and International Cyber Crime Law
  • Determine the impact of Technology, Internet Policies for Organizations and Security Measures 
  • Explain emerging Issues and trends in Cyber Law
The Program

The Internet has created a revolution in the world – across businesses as well as touching lives around the world. Owing to the anonymous nature of the Internet, engaging in criminal activities in impunity became a reality. To govern activities and transactions on the net, Cyber Law becomes more and more prominent and essential.

Organizations across the globe must take cognizance of cyber laws, existing and emerging, to ensure their sustenance as these organizations go digital to grow and expand. This program on Cyber Law will give the incumbent awareness, knowledge and expertise about various facets of Cyber Laws and allied regulations and compliance needed to conduct business in the digital era.

The certificate course in Cyber Law course will help participants decipher the basics of cyber security and Cyber Law in India.

The following topics will be covered in the course

  • Decipher the essentials of Cyber Security and Cyber Law
  • Build superior and deep insights on Data Privacy Law in India, IT Audit and Compliance, and International Cyber Crime Law
  • Decode the importance of Technology, and Internet Policies in an organisation’s security plan
  • Leverage the emerging issues and trends in cyber law