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Certificate in Business and Financial Analytics

Duration :70 Hours (12 Weeks)

Eligibility : This program is best suited for Accounting and Finance professionals and aspirants of business and financial analytics, wanting to leverage the power of analytics in their professional assignments.

  • Classroom Sessions – 16 Hours (4 Sessions in 2 Days; 4 Hours per Session)
  • Project – 10 Hours
  • Case Study – 5 Hours
  • Self-Learning – 30 Hours
  • Webinar (session by Industry expert) – 9 Hours (6 Sessions; 1.5 Hours per Session)
  • LMS Access – 3 Months
  • Collaboration App (Moxtra) Access – 3 Months

Why the Program?

The learning outcomes will be:

  • Explain various terminologies, models and strategies in Business and Financial Analytics
  • Attain business excellence by prevailing in the essentials of business and financial analytics
  • Gain proficiency in various tools and technologies used to achieve various analytics objectives 
  • Develop superior business insight about the processes to assess and evaluate analytical methods for effective decision-making
The Program

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud strategies are reshaping the enterprise landscape today. The SMAC stack is unbundling rudimentary value chains and processes in the enterprise thus enabling innovative business models that are essential for organizations to sustain and grow in an ever-changing world.

Analytics, the centerpiece of organizational business decision-making process, is an essential skill today to be honed by professionals across disciplines. IDC estimates that the Big Data and Business Analytics market will exceed US $200 Billion by 2020. The global business intelligence and analytics software market is expected to touch US $27 Billion by 2020.

This course will help students and professionals in understanding the basics of Business and Financial Analytics, hone necessary skills to traverse through the maze of organizational decision-making across disciplines and touch upon tools and technologies enabling Analytics in organizations.

The following topics will be covered in the course

  • Principles of business and financial analytics
  • Build competency in tools and technologies used to achieve various analytical objectives
  • Master the process to assess the organisation’s readiness for analytics, and evaluation of analytical methods for effective decision-making
  • Imbibe the methods to analyse Big Data and implementation of analytics in the various facets of an organisation