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Programs School of Liberal Arts

BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Duration : 3 years

Eligibility : XII'th in Arts or Science or Commerce.

Specialisations in

English and Creative Writing
International Studies

The world today is becoming increasingly complex and as a result of this exponentially cumulative intricacy, industries today need, not only engineers and technologists, but people who generate creative ideas in a data rich world. As Steve Jobs said: “It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with Liberal Arts that yields the results that make our hearts sing.” It is not a coincidence that one third of Fortune 500’s CEOs have a Liberal Arts degree.

The skills to succeed in 21’st century are much different than traditionally understood by us. Today multidisciplinary thinking is important along with collaboration. Companies need people with broad set of skills and experience to solve wicked problems, people with passion, integrity and intelligence.

Various jobs in industry need professionals who create meaningful decisions out of seemingly disparate fields of knowledge. For example, a sociologist can help a software company to design and develop software for public funded poverty alleviation program or a psychologist can assist a product designer to create a successful product campaign for a company.

Liberal Art professionals look at the problem from many different angles, which can scarcely be seen by a hard-core technologist, engineer or programmer and that’s why they are so special. At the end of the day even the most fascinating technology can fail if it can’t serve people for whom it is created. On the other hand, simple gadgets and services with less of technology can make wonders in markets if they are accessible to their target users and promoted using the best social and soft-skills.

A Bachelor’s degree by ADYPU in Liberal Arts is designed to offer you a well-rounded and broad-based knowledge in variety of subjects enriching and expanding your ability to be more productive for people and different organizations. The diversity of courses will enable you to understand major topics of global and national importance with their socio-economic, cultural and ideological implications. The degree enables students to think and communicate independently using critical, creative and analytical skills. The Liberal Arts degree enables students to:

  • Understand cultural, political, social and economic issues amidst global settings in order to use them to solve problems in variety of contexts.
  • Evaluate, analyze and think critically and communicate effectively in order to arrive at solutions.
  • Apply various streams of knowledge to propose innovative ideas and smart solutions.
  • Develop ability to conduct independent research and powers of self-expression
  • Become a global citizen with a broad perspective
The Program

The program offers tremendous flexibility and a wide choice of specializations. It focuses on skills that can be used in life beyond the classroom. The program has a core liberal arts curriculum and sequence of specialization courses. While the core curriculum develop intellectual agility and ethical sensibility, the specialization sequence helps you to master in area of your interest, passion, and career aspiration.

This is a stimulating and challenging program for students seeking to acquire a formal qualification, but do not wish to be restricted to traditional disciplinary boundaries. Here you get the opportunity to design your own learning. You will develop many transferable skills highly prized by employers.

  • English
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • International Studies

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