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Programs School of Information Technology

BCA – Data science

Duration :3 Years Full-Time

Eligibility : Applicants must satisfy one of the following minimum entry criteria: Pass in 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Mathematics, and English as compulsory subjects along with Computer Science or Chemistry or Biotechnology or Biology or any technical vocational subjects as optional with a minimum of 60% marks (55% in case of SC/ST) taken together in Physics, Mathematics and any one of the optional subjects.



Irrespective of domain, all business industries are in dire need of analyzing their huge volume of data in a proper way to come up with new insights which will help them in revenue generation and business development. There is a huge dearth of resource person on analyzing the data and bring with new ideas in parallel and vertical development of the business. Organizations across the globe are excited by the prospect of “data-driven science” as a complement to traditional knowledge-driven decision-making process. It is very much evident from the fact that Social media and software product giants like, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn and many other Fortune-500 organizations are already making huge investments in large scale data analytics to help them exploit the power of extracting wisdom (useful insights) from the massive raw data being generated at a very high pace in today’s world. In 2012, Harvard Business Review named data scientist the “sexiest job of the 21st century.”

Data Scientists are better statistician than computer programmer and better computer programmer than the Statistician. Students who come out of school education can shape their career by intersecting in this specialization to get the huge job opportunities in data science field. After globalization, career evangelist come up with new era called “Data Era” , since from last two years of data generation is approximately equal to the data generated in past all years. So, analyzing this huge volume of data eventually paves way for the new age career option in data science.

Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist, told Business Insider. “It’s one of the hottest and fastest growing jobs we’re seeing right now.”

Pioneers/ Leaders providing similar course/s

There are quite a number of international universities offering Data Science, Data mining and machine learning as major at graduate level by University of California – UC San Diego, Stanford University, University of Colorado, Wesleyan University. India, only few engineering colleges offers BCA Data Science as a Specialization. Hence, it is very much imperative that Sharda University takes a lead in this scenario and align its BCA program to produce Data Science talent pipeline for the industry (Indian as well as global) at under-graduate level. Sharda University intend to offer this program as BCA so that students undergo an extensive curriculum in the field of Data science and be industry ready professional in data science stream.

The Program:

Course Objectives:

This is one of its own kinds in BCA course with a specialization in Data Science and it is specifically designed to prepare students with strong theoretical foundations and practical skills on data science & big data analytics. Students after completing this program will be able to: Apply a set of data science principles, tools and techniques to model various real world business problems, analyse them, and suggest a suitable solution by communicating relevant findings and effectively presenting results using appropriate data visualization techniques.

  • Understand the recent development and application of big data analytics in social and web media firms for the prediction and recommendations.
  • Recognize various issues in everyday business; apply data science to understand and make well-reasoned data-driven management decisions to help organizations to get an edge over competition in the retail market analytics for up and cross selling of products to increase the income and profit.
  • Provide insight into leading analytic practices, design and lead iterative learning and development cycles, and ultimately produce new and creative analytic solutions that will become part of any business core deliverables.
  • Advocate, evangelize and build data-fuelled products that help business firms to improve their fruitful outcomes.

Progarm outline

This program is based on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in line with the recommendations of UGC. Total credit points for this program will be 135.

Infrastructural & Manpower Requirements

Proposed no. of student intake 60
Classroom required One (to accommodate proposed students)
Lab required One – Internet equipped Online Lab (to accommodate proposed students in line with lab hours)
IT Hardware and Software Related IT Hardware and Software in line with the program curriculum


Getting the students employment-ready and providing them with a jump start platform to launch their careers and/ or entrepreneurial ventures on Data Science are the driving force behind the design of this niche new age educational program.

Data Science: Growth and Digital Frontier:

Global Scenario

Data Science sector growing at its exponentially growth due to the enhancement of technology in data driven decision making process. Today, companies are demanding real-time data based solutions for the analyzing each and every factor influencing the business. There can be seen increase in demand for the data scientists by the organizations due to the rising big data trend, rapidly changing business environment and customer preferences. Thus organizations are in need to analyze the huge volume of data generated by the daily activities of customers, business processes, and every resource of the organization, in order to detect and reduce the chances of failure, optimize operations cost effectively and provide better customer services. Furthermore, the increasing demand among the large enterprises is also helping data science market to progress with an explosive growth rate. These solutions are gaining traction in various industry verticals such as finance, energy and utilities, education, healthcare, manufacturing, media and entertainment, retail, telecom, IT and many more.

Business Higher Education Forum of USA predicted that there would be 2.9 million jobs by end of 2018 for data science skilled professionals. Data science jobs in innovative industries like information technology can take twice the number of actual requirement as data science and analytics jobs are multifunctional and multidisciplinary knowledge and they all require an ability to link analytics to creating value for the organization. The analytics and technology skills vary widely, but candidates must also demonstrate skills related to problem-solving in the workplace, including soft skills such as communication, creativity, and teamwork.

Data science and analytics markets are forming

United States of America is considered as the hot spot for the data science and analytics job market. As per PwC, it has been projected that the Data Science and Analytics sector will have the demand of 9L job vacancies in end of 2018.

The factors driving this Data science and Analytics market are the escalating demand for enhanced productivity, growing demand for improved customer satisfaction, and gain insight from the day to day data generated by the various business activities. High investment cost for implementation of business analytics solutions and reluctance in adoption of business analytics are the major restraints for the growth of this market.

The Data Science and Analytics market is consolidated with big players such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Google and others are some of the active key players in the market.

Indian Scenario

Data Science in India is one of the hottest fields in information technology what with Glassdoor and LinkedIn citing it as the hottest jobs to watch out for in 2017. India faces severe dearth of data science professional to cater its demand of current requirement. Every year, there are three fold numbers of vacancies there in data science firms. On an average there are only 5500 skilled professionals coming out with data science knowledge. This number is merely 2.2 % of the total number of vacancies projected by the NASSCOM on Data Science and Analytics. India is having the large potential in creating skilled Data science professional to cater its huge requirement and demand.

As per Google Trends analytics on Data science and Analytics, it is clearly visible that vacancy over data science increase in tremendously.


Job and Career Opportunities in Data Science

Getting the students career-ready and giving them a jump start in their career is the driving force behind the creation and implementation of this niche industry-ready program on data science. Industry relevant, job oriented program in the field of data science in the emerging high growth sectors opens an inundation of job opportunities for the students.

The demand of Data Scientists is increasing tremendously in coming years. NASSCOM estimated that there would be 2,50,000 data science professionals job will be available in 2020. Hence, it is very much indispensable for us to take a lead in the current education boom that BCA in Data Science program to produce data science talented professionals to fill the gap of exponential growth in demand of data science sector. This program prepares the students so that students undergo an extensive practical and live use cases in the entire business field make them complete fit for the industry ready professionals. Data Science careers includes from junior level data scientist to Data science Manager.


Career Progression Path

Industry Average salary / Annum
Data Scientist Entry level INR 3,00,000 to 5,00,000
Data Scientist intermediate level INR 6,00,000 to 10,00,000
Data Scientist Senior level INR 10L +

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