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B.Sc. Culinary Arts

Duration :3 Years Full-Time

Eligibility : XII'th pass in any discipline with minimum 45% marks. Students appearing for XII'th exam can also apply.


The program is structured with a blend of industry and academic requirements together in a purposeful manner to serve the specific purpose of vibrant and constant changing hotel and catering industry. The prime focus is to develop skillful and innovative minds through emerging changes and technology in hotel industry. This is three years into 6 semester degree program in which students would learn about different avenues and aspects of hotel industry focused on the culinary aspects to gain hands on skills. The first year would be focused on fundamentals principles and concepts and commodities of food production and culinary arts.

There would be combination of practical and theory along with core competencies and general education. In first year itself, students are exposed towards hotel induction training.

In second year students are exposed towards more in depth core culinary arts such essential culinary in continental and Indian cuisine, bakery and confectionary arts along with meat cookery & general education along with direct and free elective subjects. Electives subjects are offered such as food styling and food photography as new career into hotel industry. End of the semester, two times industrial training would be offered to star hotels. In third year, fifth semester entirely offer specialized in culinary and advance bakery arts. This is the period where students are enable to learn specialized sequence of hotel industry. Many major general and free electives are offered such as food journalism and analyst, food and health psychology, food and Ayurveda.

In the last sixth semester students will be interviewed by various star hotels around the country. Students would be selected for management trainee or hotel operation trainee internship program for 20 weeks. Further students may continue as a job in the same hotels selected by hotels. Students will be awarded as Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts degree after successful completion of internship.

Career Opportunities

Career in Hotel / Restaurant:

The students are provided career options as per their choice while internship training in star hotels. There are numerous opportunities available in hotel & tourism sector such as chefs in various sections-Indian, Chinese continental or cold kitchen or hot kitchen, food servers.

Career in catering industry:

Students are provided with various opportunities in industrial and commercial catering industry. Students have a wide scope to choose from Functional catering, corporate catering, and industrial catering. Which may lead to an entrepreneuer in own business.

Career in fast food and Quick Service Industry:

This is very fast growing sector in food service industry. Thousands of national and international outlets opened in India. It could be pizza, burger or sandwiches or other stuffs served.

Bakery and confectionaries:

Similarly many domestic and foreign bakery outlet serving in India. Students have a great opportunities to develop career in such bakery unit.

Food styling/food photographer/food analyst:

Now a days we find lots of media coverage and promotion done on television through various food shows and food competitions. This is new career opened up to be a celebrity chef. Such chef do write blogs or article to media and do the presentation of food and analysis to the common people.

Career in Transport:

Various opportunities available in transport as cruise line, airlines, highway, and motels are most upcoming hospitality careers for hotel management graduates.

Entrepreneurship Development:

Many students may opt for starting catering units in commercial, industrial or institutional canteens. There are many starts with restaurant, bars, fast food unit hotels and lodging businesses. There are millions of people working in unorganized and organized hotel sector.

Recently, Govt.of India boost tourism and hotel sector by providing training and start up programs to open new outlets. It does helps to develop more facilities to travelers around India.

There is tremendous potential and scope in tourism and hotel sector to absorb and provide large number of job and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Welcome all the aspirants to golden career ahead in food service industry.

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