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Police Scholarship Program

Police Scholarship Program

Yashwant Dnyanarthi Shishyavratti/ यशवंत ज्ञानार्थी शिष्यवृत्ती

ADYPU, salutes, ‘The Real World Heroes’ their continuing during this difficult time. The lockdown period has been a challenging time for everyone, especially for policemen who have been working round the clock to ensure maintain law and order and help people across the country.

ADYPU believe, these endeavours of the policemen in this hour of crisis should not go unrecognised. As a token of gratitude ADYPU has introduced a scholarship program यशवंत ज्ञानार्थी शिष्यवृत्ती/Yashwant Dyanarthi Shishyavratti in the name of the grandfather of our Hon. Chairman Dr Ajeenkya DY Patil. This scholarship program is exclusively for the ward of Police personnel. For every admission, ADYPU will offer up to 50% scholarship to the ward/child of Police personnel. ADYPU is committed to provide 100% scholarships to students who have scored more than 95% marks in their 12th. In recognition of this ADYPU has signed MOU with several Police departments including Pune Rural Police, Solapur Police and Kolhapur Police and in talks with many more.

The police force, as one of the sentinels of democracy, should be applauded and encouraged for being the frontline heroes at this time of national emergency. Let’s applaud them together and stand with them.

“ADYPU is Proud of Maharashtra Police”

Why is this Scholarship?

Each and every Maharashtra Police employee is working tirelessly and meticulously for the safety and security of us. There is little to commend the selflessness and determination. As a token of gratitude Ajeenkya DY Patil University takes responsibility to educate the wards of Police employees by giving them the 20% – 50% scholarship for higher studies. ADYPU is also giving 100% scholarship to students who have done exceptionally well in academics and scored over 95%.


To give quality education and scholarship to the wards of police personnel and to concrete the foundation of their bright future.


  • Quality Education
  • Monetary benefits through scholarships
  • Exposure to global education culture

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