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Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre (EIC)

Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre (EIC)

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Universities and research institutions play a fundamental role in developing the socio-economic fabric of a country. With a tectonic shift in industry expectations, the role of higher educational institutions has become more
critical in preparing young graduates in the disruptive economic scenarios. To add value to the educational system through curiosity, inquisitiveness, imagination, as well as critical thinking, University has visualized an
Incubation Centre to nurture creativity and innovation to meet the current and future need from labor arbitrage to intellectual economy. Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre, the Incubator, facilitates inter-disciplinary research
and provides incubation facilities to budding entrepreneurs and startups.


Catalyze an ecosystem wherein productive and innovative entrepreneurship develops, sustains, and grows.

  • Encourage ‘Ideation to Incubation’[I2I] among various stake holders of ADYPU,
  • Ignite entrepreneurial mindset through workshops, events, mentoring,
  • Support for seed funds, filing patents, venture formation,
  • Ensure MVP to a sustainable launch,
  • Training, Consultancy and Advisory support to R&D Investment.

A 2500sq feet area is exclusively set for Invention, Innovation, and Incubation activities in EIC with following resources,

  • Meeting rooms,
  • Office space [dedicated, Hot desking space],
  • Maker lab space [Shared/dedicated lab space].

EIC has in-house expertise in

  • Business Model Assessment,
  • Go to Market Evaluation,
  • Technology Transfer Support,
  • Business Support Services,
  • Intellectual Property Support Policy.
Operational Strategy

A three-component support system, 3P, is implemented to catalyze an innovation fabric across the University, namely:

Platform: Being a multi-disciplinary University, it is a great opportunity for students to learn from each other and interact using networking platforms. Such platforms enable highly motivated and passionate
students to come together with a diversity of skills, knowledge, and scale. Some of the platforms that can foster creativity are:

  • Ideation competition, Innopreneur2020,
  • Innovation clubs, eClub,
  • Open Innovation Networking, EXPO 2020,
  • Tinkering sessions.

Program: University has both long term and short-term certification programs that lay the foundation to unleash and unlock creativity among young graduates. Some of the events like

  • 5-week boot camp,
  • Internships with startups,
  • Master series and Webinars,
  • Grant and IPR workshops,

A ‘Structured Entrepreneurial Engagement and Development’, SeeD, is designed as a strategic alignment to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

People: A team with diversified skills to mentor the incubates during their early stage of entrepreneurial journey will boost the morale of founders. Some of the leading schools, startups and Government
Institutions have been partnered with us. Following guidelines are devised for the operational effectiveness of EIC.

  • University IPR Policy
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA]
  • Inventor’s Agreement
  • Invention Disclosure Form [IDF]


Incbatee# Name of the start up Nature of start up Year of commencement Promoters School
1 Rigbetel Labs LLP EduTech 2019 Mr.Pranshu Tople SoE
2 Yool Business Pvt.Ltd HealthTech 2020 Mr.Manish Raghuvanshi SoM
3 SWA-Live in the Now HealthCare 2020 Mr.Pranav Raman IfDE
4 SHRIDE India Pvt. Ltd eBike rentals 2020 Mr.Neelabja Saha SoE
5 M/s Rovae Incorporation Software Consulting 2020 Mr.Ravi contact. SoE
6 Clavictor Academy Pvt. Ltd EduTech 2021 Prof.Suraj Kumar Nayak SoE
7 Scades Technology ITeS 2021 Mr.Ashutosh Zagade SoE