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The Research and Development (R&D) Center is dedicated to promoting a vibrant research culture and fostering innovation. The Center plays a pivotal role in nurturing cutting-edge research activities, facilitating collaborations, and supporting the dissemination of knowledge.


To establish the University as a vibrant hub of research excellence, fostering innovation, interdisciplinary collaborations, and generating high-impact solutions that address local as well as global challenges while contributing to the advancement of knowledge and societal well-being.


Cultivate a research-driven culture that encourages faculty, students, and scholars to engage in cutting-edge research activities across diverse disciplines.

Facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships with industry, government agencies, and renowned research institutions, both nationally and internationally, to undertake collaborative research projects and knowledge exchange.

Promote the dissemination of research findings through publications in high-impact journals, conferences, and other scholarly platforms, thereby enhancing the university’s visibility and reputation.

Foster an entrepreneurial mindset and support the commercialization of research outcomes, contributing to economic development and societal well-being.

Nurture a research-oriented culture among students by involving them in research projects, providing opportunities for skill development, and encouraging them to pursue higher studies and research careers.


Increase the number of research publications in reputed national and international journals, with a focus on high-impact and interdisciplinary research aligned with ADYPU’s research sub-themes.

Enhance the research funding portfolio by actively pursuing grants and collaborative projects from government agencies, industries, and international organizations.

Organize national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops to foster knowledge exchange and collaborative research opportunities.

Develop research collaborations with prestigious universities and research institutions worldwide to participate in joint research projects and academic exchanges.

Provide research mentorship and training programs for faculty and students to enhance their research skills and capabilities.

Establish industry-academia partnerships to undertake applied research projects and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology to address real-world challenges.

the Dean

Dr Anil Maheshwari