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Connect, serve, play, innovate, and grow with our diverse community through
student groups, events, and activities. There's something for everyone here!

The emphasis at ADYPU is always on creating an exciting and charged environment, where a mix of youthful vibrancy with experience & maturity, global viewpoint with local reality, emerging technology with traditional wisdom, and existing knowledge with rebellion and constant questioning will lead to an exciting journey throughout the programs. In this turbulent, get-real economy, the advantage goes to those who out-imagine and out-create their competitors. The real challenge lies in getting better and better at a different thing: devising solutions to wickedly difficult problems. Get this unique advantage over others, innovate rather than replicate.

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Immerse Yourself in ADYPU Campus Life

Whether you’re drawn to art, cultural pursuits, sports, professional innovation through hackathons, pet volunteering, or UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy Youth Advocacy Forum, myriad choices await you to RISE ABOVE!

You’ll be surrounded by amazing and talented people from different backgrounds. Whether you’re into art, cultural activities, sports, nailing the future of professions with Hackathon, or volunteering out with pets or UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy youth advocacy forum, there’s always something exciting happening. You are loaded with choices to RISE ABOVE!

On the stage or sports field, ADYPU is where youthful, passionate and bright young minds come together to learn, work, live and grow together.

Live your passions at ADYPU

ADYPU possesses 15 clubs and societies to choose from, so there’s something for everyone!

Let’s come together to celebrate diverse interests, develop a professional network, or indulge in your favorite foods!

With round-the-year events, festivals, gigs, conferences, and more, make friends, have fun, and make the most of your time at the ADYPU campus.

Interested in multiple clubs? – Don’t just stop at one, indulge in as many as you wish.

Click on the specific club of your choice and explore events for more details.

  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Book Club
  • Debate Club
  • Photography Club
  • ADYPU Chef's Club
  • Alle’chante Food and Beverage Club
  • Music Club
  • House of Arts - Arts Club - Dance, Sketching, Poetry
  • Gaming Club
  • Happier & Safer Internet Club
  • Take 2 Film Club
  • Purrpaws Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Incubation Club
  • Electoral Club

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club inspires students to brainstorm innovative ideas, develop tangible products, and, where feasible, organize sales events within the university community.

Book Club

The Book Club encourages students to rediscover the joy of reading physical books, participate in meaningful literary discussions and foster a deeper connection with literature beyond digital content.

Debate Club

The Debate Club empowers students to articulate their viewpoints within group settings, nurturing the development of confidence and the ability to express thoughts clearly and assertively, yet with politeness.

Photography Club

The Photography Club extends an invitation to individuals interested in exploring the world through a lens, capturing images that provide a novel perspective on commonplace subjects.

ADYPU Chef's Club

The Chef Club provides a vibrant platform for showcasing culinary talent and aims to foster socialization, creativity, and essential culinary skills development among students.

Alle’chante Food and Beverage Club

The Alle’chante Food and Beverage Club aims to increase students’ awareness of the service industry, particularly focusing on hospitality.

Music Club

The music club’s goal is to provide students with a platform to express their creativity and connect with fellow schoolmates who share a passion for music.

House of Arts - Arts Club - Dance, Sketching, Poetry

The Arts Club, encompassing dance, sketching, and poetry, aims to provide students with a platform to express their creative inclinations. Additionally, it serves as an avenue for interaction among school students with an artistic mindset.

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club organizes diverse online gaming events, to connect students from different schools. Through participation in online gaming competitions, the club aims to create a collaborative and engaging environment for gaming enthusiasts.

Happier & Safer Internet Club

The Happier & Safer Internet Club encourages today’s youth to represent their voices at UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy Youth Forum. The changemaker team of volunteers contribute to promoting a happier and healthier digital world.

Take 2 Film Club

The Take 2 Film Club motivates young movie enthusiasts on a captivating cinematic journey featuring a diverse selection of films from around the world.

Purrpaws Club

The Purrpaws Club is to create a supportive community for pets, stray animals, pet owners, animal enthusiasts, and professionals. Along with young animal lovers, we advocate for responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and sustainability.

Badminton Club

The university badminton club aims to unite students of varying skill levels in the sport, promoting physical fitness, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Through organized events, practices, and competitions, it fosters overall badminton skill development and a sense of camaraderie within the university.

Incubation Club

The incubation club cultivates a conducive environment for student entrepreneurs by offering resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Through workshops and collaboration, ideas are turned into successful ventures, contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Electoral Club

The Electoral Club promotes civic engagement by educating students about electoral processes, voter rights, and political awareness. Through debates, voter registration drives, and discussions, the students become active and responsible participants.

Club Festival

The Clubsfestival day is a fantastic opportunity to explore ADYPU’s clubs, find like-minded people and actively engage in the campus life. It's not just about joining a club; it's about discovering a community that shares your passions and interests. So mark your calendars for the first week of August, during the Student’s Orientation Week, to explore, connect, and expand your hobbies.

Form Your Own Club

If you are interested in a specific club that doesn’t exist at ADYPU, then you have the complete freedom to take the lead.

Bring an idea and a significant number of members to formalize the group and we’re here to help you further!

Strengthening University-Learner Bonds

ADYPU’s Student Services Division is the heart and soul of students on the campus!

At ADYPU, learning is a continuous and thrilling journey with much more than just attending regular classes. It’s about thriving academically, socially, and emotionally where we come in between.

Think of us as your academic best friends, campus dictionary, and go-to stop for all student-related things. Whether you’re seeking educational guidance, financial aid, career advice, or even just a friendly face to chat with, we’ve got your back.

Our dedicated team ensures that your journey at ADYPU is successful, enjoyable, and safe. We are here to help you conquer the twists and turns in your academic journey and celebrate your achievements.

From academic development to personal development, from financial assistance to mental well-being, we are fully committed to enriching your time at ADYPU. So, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to make your journey unforgettable!

Student Service and Support

At ADYPU, the vision of the Student Services Department is simple. We support the student and campus experience through programs ranging from residential life to cultural diversity It is to support every member of the university in their journey to success. We build a culture of excellence by offering our students opportunities to develop the essential skills to become responsible global leaders.

Our dedicated staff is fully committed to nurturing a thriving learning environment for every ADYPU student.

The ADYPU Counselor is available on the campus for counselling sessions.