Student Experience

Student Experience

Student Experience

Ajeenkya DY Patil University offers highly experiential, hands-on programs with a unique learning experience to explore new ways of generating cutting-edge solutions using creativity and innovation.

The emphasis at ADYPU is always on creating an exciting and charged environment, where a mix of youthful vibrancy with experience & maturity, global viewpoint with local reality, emerging technology with traditional wisdom, and existing knowledge with rebellion and constant questioning will lead to an exciting journey throughout the programs.

In this turbulent, get-real economy, the advantage goes to those who out-imagine and out-create their competitors… The real challenge lies in getting better and better at a different thing: devising solutions to wickedly difficult problems. Get this unique advantage over others, innovate rather than replicate.

The Ajeenkya DY Patil University is situated at the DY Patil Knowledge City. The DY Patil Knowledge City is a serene 100 Acres campus with aesthetic landscaping and beautiful architecture. All the necessary facilities are provided on campus. Facilities include 300 seat auditorium, aesthetically designed studios and classrooms with ergonomically suited furniture. The classrooms are equipped with state-of-the art video projection systems.

The campus life is a combination of serious academics with lots of fun. You will find an extensive range of cultural and social activities on campus, which will make learning a joy and your stay on the campus a memorable time. There is something for everyone, whether you are interested in sports or art. The aim is to enhance the learning environment by creating opportunities for students to engage in social and cultural pursuits.

Apart from the high curricular standards, we promote extra-curricular activities with the same vigor. We provide appropriate platform for the students to display many other facets of their personality, which otherwise may not be explored. Extra-curricular activities include drama, singing, skits, elocution, debating, sports etc. Students can participate in all the campus and off-campus events hosted and planned by different student groups.

Our sports department caters to all interests and tastes ranging from competitive sports to basic fitness programs. There are facilities for indoor sports as well as outdoor sports. Well-equipped facilities such as Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Cycling, Football, Cricket, etc. are available on the campus for our students.

Accommodation is available on campus for students wishing to stay on campus. Well-appointed, shared accommodation grouped in clusters with common bathrooms and kitchens are available. Accommodation is combined with facilities for cafeteria and medical assistance.


We have state-of-the-art facilities housed together under one roof. All possible hardware, software and equipment required for the programs will be made available to students’ right at the beginning.

An impressive library supports the curriculum for all our programs. It houses an outstanding collection of books, periodicals and visual resources on variety of subjects. The library has subscription to electronic resources from across the world including networked databases and electronic journals.

The computing infrastructure is integral to overall facilities. We would have one of the highest ratios of computers to students. The hardware includes a combination of high-end PCs with various peripherals such as scanners, plotters and printers, etc. The students are able to use the most advanced and software tools and high level of technical support for all computer related functions. All computing equipment is linked by high-speed network to facilitate access across the campus.