Sreekumar Unnithan
Asst. Professor (Sound Engineering)

Sreekumar is a man of many talents. An expert across the auditory domain, Sreekumar is a bonafide stalwart of India’s sound industry, having been involved in various professions across the board.

Sreekumar is a multi-faceted professional with experience in song mixing, film sound mixing, sound surround mixing, sound design, on-location recording, live sound (orchestral), music mixing, etc. He has over 21 years of industry experience and 8 years of experience as an educator. He has also served under some massive banners in the sound and music scene, names that include the likes Sreerag Digital Kerala, S S Digital Kerala, Zee Network Dubai, Al-Nazaer Kuwait, Scientific Center Kuwait, Harmony Art Media Kuwait, and his own facility – SK Audio House, Kuwait.

Sreekumar uses this treasure-trove of knowledge to teach students film sound, post-production, consoles, studio sessions, multi-track sessions, and mixing. His impeccable connections in the industry mean he also assists with industry visits and uses all his expertise to help guide students through not just the technical aspects of the industry, but also moral ones, being a big proponent of ethics and professionalism.

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