Dr Shilpi Bora

Dr. Shilpi Bora is a graduate of Assam Agricultural University Jorhat, Assam. She holds a Ph.D. degree from IIT Guwahati, Department of Design. Her specialization is in Human Factors & Ergonomics. She has also bagged the opportunity for a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Huaqia National University, Xiamen, China.

Dr. Shilpi carries 2 years of teaching experience at MIT AOE, Alandi, Pune as an Assistant Professor at the School of Design and 5 years of teaching assistantship at IITG, along with 5 years of research experience. During her Ph.D. she was invited as a visiting scholar at Shantou University, China for research purposes. Dr. Shilpi Bora has written research papers in both journals and international conferences and patents. Her areas of interest include Ergonomics, Product Design, Interior Design, Design Thinking, Design Intervention, and Research.