Abid Shaikh
HOA (Game Development)

Abid Shaikh is a stalwart in the animation industry with a career spanning over 12 years. During this time, he has donned many caps, including that of an animation artist, rigging artist, and even a role where he helped educate production staff.

Abid’s ambit of work capabilities includes Maya, Motion Builder, Vicon, and Production Manager. Abid has two 3D movies (Chandarani …A Dream to Reality and Sonam …Aur Saath Ajube) under his belt as a technical lead and project manager. Over time, he also amassed a prowess for game programming and development and applied his history with 3D in these facets of video game creation.

His diversity and longevity in the industry make him the perfect man to assume the mantle of the Department of Game Art, Design, and Development.

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