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School of Liberal Arts Programs

School of Liberal Arts

Duration :3 years

Eligibility : XII'th in Arts or Science or Commerce.

B.A. Liberal Arts

With specialisation in English, International Studies, Psychology, Economics

The world today is becoming increasingly complex and as a result of this exponentially cumulative intricacy, industries today need, not only engineers and technologists, but people who generate creative ideas in a data rich world. As Steve Jobs said: “It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with Liberal Arts that yields the results that make our hearts sing.” It is not a coincidence that one third of Fortune 500’s CEOs have a Liberal Arts degree.

The skills to succeed in 21’st century are much different than traditionally understood by us. Today multidisciplinary thinking is important along with collaboration. Companies need people with broad set of skills and experience to solve wicked problems, people with passion, integrity and intelligence.

B.A. Liberal Arts

Duration : 3 years

Eligibility : XII'th in Arts or Science or Commerce.

ACET 2021



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