School of Engineering Faculty Research Milestone

The ADYPU School of Engineering’s faculty member, Dr. Amol Kasture published papers in esteemed SCOPUS-indexed journals, participated in various Faculty Development Programs, and obtained several certifications. His work includes an article published in The Indonesian Institute of Science and Technology Research (IISTR) Indonesian Magazine Journal in Indonesia and a research paper in the SCOPUS-indexed Tuijin Jishu/Journal of Propulsion Technology. Dr. Kasture’s paper, titled AI in Cybersecurity: Threat Detection and Response with Machine Learning, showcases his expertise in the field. Additionally, he actively engaged in an Online Faculty Development Program on the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 conducted by ICT Academy from September 4th to 9th, 2023.

Dr. Vishwajeet Goswami, another dynamic faculty member at ADYPU’s School of Engineering, recently achieved significant milestones by publishing five papers in the esteemed SCOPUS-indexed journals. His research papers cover diverse topics such as the influence of edge deletion on domination numbers in graphs, certified domination numbers of specific graphs, a comprehensive review of domination numbers in graphs, and the exploration of graphs with the same domination and connected domination numbers. In addition to his scholarly contributions, he also successfully launched a patent, adding to the School of Engineering’s reputation for cutting-edge research. Furthermore, Dr. Roy, Assistant Professor, published a research paper on Synthesis, Characterizations, and Applications of Iron Oxide-based Nanocomposites, and Prof. Uttam Kumar, Assistant Professor, contributed with a paper on Design and Development of a Nano-Drone – A Real-time UAV, further exemplifying the School of Engineering’s commitment to advancing knowledge.