School Of Design

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design minor offers a comprehensive exploration of the field through courses such as Printing Technology & Methods, Interactive Design, Design for Social Needs, and Indian Design Sensibilities. These courses provide students with a diverse skill set and knowledge base, allowing them to excel in various aspects of graphic design, from traditional print-based projects to digital interactive designs and culturally relevant creations.

Fashion Design

The Fashion Design minor focuses on the creative and communicative aspects of the fashion industry. Courses like Fashion Communication equip students with skills in visual storytelling, branding, and marketing, essential for success in the dynamic world of fashion.

Transportation Design

The Transportation Design minor is ideal for students interested in the design and innovation of vehicles. Courses like CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) and Digital Modelling offer a deep dive into the aesthetic and technical aspects of vehicle design, preparing students for careers in the automotive and transportation industries.

Product Design

The Product Design minor provides a well-rounded education in the design and management of products and services. Courses like Service Design and Design Management equip students with skills in user-centered design, project management, and strategic thinking, essential for success in the product design field.