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Film and Media

Storytelling through Photography

Photography is a means of making images of the world in which we live. This minor is intended for students in any major who have a desire to acquire professional photographic skills. It provides a brief insight into the basics of how photography works. This course shall help amateur photographers to utilize their smartphones or any primary cameras to their best capability and produce images to capture impressive visual stories.

Mobile Journalism

Mobile Journalism (MoJo) concentrates on introducing students to the news and how to develop news content by using mobiles. Under this minor, the students shall be introduced to the basics of news bulletin production for the print, broadcast and Web. They shall be acquainted through the process of news production from news writing to final broadcasting the news on various platforms.

Video Production

Video Production lays down the foundation of the filmmaking process. It shall equip them with the creative and technical skill sets to visual storytelling. The objective of this minor is to develop a comprehensive understanding of directing, screenwriting, producing, sync-sound production, digital and film cinematography. It shall provide students an opportunity to create a film of their choice with their preferred genre to execute multiple projects.

Motion Graphics Animation Filmmaking

Motion Graphics will explore you to the process pipeline of the animation and visual effects film making. The industry relevant course is a blend of both creative and technical aspects, where students learn to produce animation short, film or advertisement. Students shall imbibe the three stages of Animation & VFX process–Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. This introductory minor course shall emphasize on construction, material analysis and structural examinations supporting the conceptual development of three-dimensional art.

Music Production

This minor focuses on the technical and creative aspects of music production, teaching students how to record, mix, and produce high-quality music. It shall cover the basic aspects of music production, music recording and music and audio editing. The students from any background will gain knowledge in basic music production and will be able to perform the skill of recording and editing. At the end of the course, the student will be producing music for different platforms.

Tabletop Design

This minor explores the design and development of tabletop games, teaching students how to create engaging and immersive gaming experiences. This course is designed to introduce the core concepts of gaming and how these concepts affect the way players play the games.

Multi-Dimensional Game Design

This minor covers various aspects of game design, preparing students for careers in game development and design. The course aims to imbibe the students with the basics skills for multi-dimensional game design.

Logic building using game engines

The minor course aims to enhance the student’s ability to understand the basics and implement varied concepts of game development. These include techniques like the layout of games and environment, learning positioning, movement of characters and so on. The students shall learn different aspects of ‘Scripting the Game Manager- which would control the programming aspects of a game.

Media Production Management

Under this minor, the student shall be offered a variety of courses to acquire all the relevant grips and grasps of media production management. It shall equip the students with the specific needs and problem finding ways of the Media and Entertainment industry. From costing and resource profitability to project management in media, from game production to VFX pipeline management, from media asset management to news media production management, this minor program covers a wide array of varied covering all areas in Media Production.

Media Marketing Management

Under this minor, you shall explore the dynamics of media marketing from fundamentals to advanced level. Digital marketing forms the major chunk of this minor. The minor shall explore you to the varied social media marketing tools in a detailed way, considering today’s media demand and answering to the challenges that this field poses. The other courses include Client acquisition, B2B management, marketing strategies and executions forms a complete package for the students to master the basic techniques in this field.