Your Journey into the
Universe Begins Here

Are you curious about space’s mysteries? Join our one-year Astronomy Program and uncover the secrets of the vast universe. The program will equip you with information about constellations, planetary motions, and much more. Students will benefit from the subject’s introduction merging with the Indian educational system because it will provide information about constellations, planetary motions, and much more.

By learning about the vastness above, you’ll not only satisfy natural curiosity but also open doors for exciting careers in research and technology.


Duration: 1 Year

Mode : Offline/Online


  • The course focuses on the ancient roots of Indian astronomy, dating back to the Vedas and Jyotisa Vedanga.
  • It emphasizes the contributions of early Indian astronomers like Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, and Bhaskara.
  • Learn about advanced mathematical models developed by Indian astronomers, including their methods for calculating planetary positions and understanding celestial phenomena.
  • The course connects Indian astronomy with mathematics, physics, and other scientific disciplines.
  • It emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of Indian astronomy, showcasing its connections to various scientific fields.
  • The course also includes ongoing research initiatives and projects in Indian astronomy, demonstrating the country's continued contribution to the field.

What will you explore as part
of the program?

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • The ancient roots of Indian Astronomy: You will learn about astronomical observations and calculations of ancient Indian civilizations, such as the Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, and Bhaskara. You will also study the Vedas and Jyotisa Vedanga, the foundational texts of Indian astronomy.
  • The contributions of early Indian astronomers: You will gain a deep understanding of groundbreaking theories and mathematical models developed by early Indian astronomers. Additionally, discover the profound impact their work has exerted on developing modern astronomical concepts.
  • Advanced mathematical models in Indian Astronomy: You will explore the sophisticated mathematical models developed by Indian astronomers for calculating planetary positions and understanding celestial phenomena. You will appreciate the accuracy and sophistication of these models, which were developed centuries ahead of their time.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of Indian astronomy: You will see how Indian astronomy is connected to other scientific disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, and cosmology. You will learn how astronomical knowledge was applied in various aspects of ancient Indian life.
  • The continued relevance of Indian astronomy in the modern world: You will explore how ancient astronomical knowledge is still being used in modern scientific research. You will also learn about ongoing research initiatives and projects in Indian astronomy.

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How will you be taught?

You will experience a dynamic and multifaceted approach to learning that encompasses:

  • Classroom Sessions
  • Informative Presentations
  • Projects in Indian astronomy
  • Insightful Movie/Video Screenings
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Hands-On Practical Sessions
  • Outdoor Learning Experiences
Career & Opportunities

Upon program completion, graduates can explore a range of promising career options, including roles such as:

  • Astronomer
  • Cosmologist
  • Planetary Scientist
  • Astrobiologist
  • Observational Astronomer
  • Science Communicator
  • Space Mission Planner
  • Science Policy Advisor
  • Research Scientist in Astronomy Technology
  • Science Journalism
  • Academic Research and Teaching
  • Will it provide a degree, diploma, or certificate?
    A certificate from Ajeenkya D.Y Patil University, Pune, will be provided
  • Will that certification have value everywhere?
    Yes, it will hold a global value.
  • Will the course involve every aspect of Astronomy?
    Yes, it will mostly be from an ancient Indian point of view.
  • What will be the duration of classes?
    It will be 2 hours each day for each course.