Mapping the Future

Reaching for the Sky: The Power of Growth Mindset

For decades, growth mindset pioneer Carol S. Dweck has prophesied the importance of having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. In a myopic manner, it can be very simplistic to see the growth mindset as a natural endowment and as an end in itself. There is much more to the ‘Growth mindset’ than such a trivial understanding. Such a mindset is developed over the years with the help of quality education and pedagogy which focuses on grabbing every opportunity to inculcate within the students the intricacies of the aforementioned mindset.

Growth Mindset and ADYPU

I have witnessed over the years the behaviors of various students who tackle challenges and hardships to enhance their understanding and as an extension; their lives. Such qualities are inculcated with experience and a structure that helps them retain most of what they’ve learned over the years. In our society, such structures take the forms of educational institutions. Not only do higher educational impart necessary skill-sets but teach pivotal management techniques that are catalyzed by a robust faculty of the university. ADYPU has always devoted considerable thought towards educators and pedagogy deployed in the classrooms. We encourage a wide variety of multifaceted approaches where educators showcase creativity behind the subject matter and provide students with accessible yet exceptional thought about the subject being taught.

Importance of Structure for Growth Mindset

Educational institutes not only place students in the industry but make them learn how to develop a mindset that can lead them towards success at every point of life. That is why an educational institute makes an important marker in one’s life. To inculcate a growth mindset, a structure is required which is brimming up with innovation. A strong emphasis is required for employing creative means to impart effective instruction. ADYPU has always primed the innovation factor within our structural base and it constantly pushes towards deploying a pedagogical approach that sets it apart from other universities. I am proud of the fact that is our trademark and cannot be undertaken anywhere else because the very fundamental principle behind it is the growth mindset which the university imbibes at every juncture of the learning process.

Growth Mindset and ‘T’ Shaped Development

The interdisciplinary nature of the courses in ADYPU makes it unique in having the structure for the growth of the student who not only shows prowess in their respective fields but also becomes an expert problem solver with a complete grip on the multi-faceted nature of the problems in the industry. Having a multi-faceted education not only makes an expert problem solver for the industry, but it also gives the students an impetus towards developing an entrepreneurial spirit. The educators today must think in terms of the challenges of tomorrow. Lethargic fixed minded individuals cannot overcome either the provocations of the industry or the obstacles of entrepreneurship. The goal of the higher educational institutes is to motivate students to take arms against the travesties of their times and develop an intellectual as well as a practical spirit among the students who have to take over the world with their mindset and intellect. That is why I reiterate the importance of a ‘T’ shaped individual which is the benchmark of our university. The goals of the universities are shaped by the vision of the stakeholders who employ their ideas and mindsets to fruition. Naturally, the mindset of the structure permeates within the students as well.

Inclusionary Growth Mindset in Higher Education

As we are heading into a post-pandemic world, it is becoming imperative to inculcate the intervention which promotes a growth mindset among the students. Our focus shall be towards increasing the methodologies which re-interpret the meanings of growth and guide us towards a common goal of development of the individual and in further extension the society itself. For such a society, the higher educational institutions must act accordingly and follow suit with a growth mindset that ADYPU has been harnessing since its inception.