Mapping the Future

New Challenges: Keeping Up the Productivity While Transitioning

With the current rapid rate of vaccination all around the country, we can expect many institutions and campuses to reopen finally after a long time and expect physical offices and classes to start. As the tumbleweeds ravaged around in the higher educational campuses, students and faculty adapted to the rising tides of the COVID-19 pandemic and opted for a newly updated pedagogy with a sole focus on online technologies at our disposal. While the new interventions in higher education have reinvigorated the damp methodologies, it is perhaps now time to evaluate our pros and cons and opt for a hybrid approach in higher education.

The new online apparatus brought long-withheld creativity and innovativeness in the sector but it also highlighted the fault lines hidden behind the mask of online education. Many students reported fatigue with constant usage of screens and many teachers found it hard to make every student understand the intricacies of complex topics. Fields that are indispensable to hands-on training suffered a major blow and have been constantly asking for the administration to open the campuses and offices for a better assessment of the situation and provide support to young learners. We as educators have also witnessed despite the hardships the online mode of education is to be welcomed with changes and needs to be more compatible with the physical on-campus education models. Such a model may be new to various campuses but we here at ADYPU have been carefully vigilant of pedagogy inclusively and productively to catapult the current machinery into even more productive cycles.

The brunt of working solely from home has alerted not only higher educational institutes but industry workers as well. Major newspapers in the west have derided the limited capability in terms of productivity when all the workforce has been sitting stagnant in their homes. With careful consideration of the conditions, everyone was subjected to a receding trend of productivity and a complete myopic working-from-home culture can be cited as one of the major reasons for it. The decreased level of productivity can be boosted up with a careful and considerate view of the transitioning where both the employees and employers cater to each other and in a higher educational framework, both students and faculty members understand the concerns and help each other to maximise the efficiency of the university and in the grand scheme of things; of the education sector.

The structure of ADYPU is foundational to our vision of being the educational institute of choice in the country and that entails being prepared for the upcoming challenges and hardships beforehand. Before the pandemic hit us hard we were leading the effort to introduce our students to online learning. With the experiences we gathered during the last 18 months period, we have primed a hybrid model of education to exercise high outputs of productivity both in terms of teaching and administration. This special care was tested out smoothly during the strict lockdown period and now we’re looking forward to a time where vaccinated students and faculty members can start their long journey of taking the university to a higher place and motivate everyone around to do the same.