Mapping the Future

A 21st Century University: Leader in Teaching & Learning

With the advent of modern pedagogical interventions, it becomes critical that modern educational institutes focus on demands that are raised by the society and deliver them effectively. This entails that institutions take veracious measures to put innovation as the forerunner while assessing the circumstances and deliver fruitful results.

I firmly believe that historicity paves new pathways for an assessment of contemporary challenges and a better vision for subsequent development. ADYPU has always primed the need for academic excellence and will continue to do so. Our goals are assessed by keeping in mind the learning experiences of the students and an overall revamping of the individual with the help of accomplished tutelage. It becomes pivotal to establish an evidence-based mechanism to gauge the progress of the students who entrust this institution with great admiration.

Modern pedagogical interventions are changing the way we approach instruction and it becomes essential that we reinvigorate the archaic teaching-learning framework. Through the years we have witnessed how education has become a rather stagnant enterprise which is failing to keep up with the changing preferences and motivations of our young generation. It needs a serious reform in the way we approach the dual pedagogical apparatus of Teaching and learning.

As is evident with the history of this institution, ADYPU becomes the required educational innovator which will transform the way we understand modern pedagogy. We must understand that teaching and learning shall remain the core of our edification while research must be the pillar upon which we stand and function. Teaching and learning must take primacy in any educational institution as it becomes the gauging key through which right results can be generated and assessments can be made about the vision and faultlines of the pedagogy followed. We must work towards educating individuals in such a manner that they’re able to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and assess their positions in the competitive fields. It is only through constant reconfiguration that we can keep everyone motivated and confident in the work we do.

We herewith unveil our Teaching – Learning Strategic Plan for ADYPU. I am grateful to Dr. Shradha Kanwar for having partnered with me to bring out this strategy and implementation document. It is through her deep insights in the world of learning and her passion for education that we have been able to accomplish the document.

The strategy document outlines how we will base technology-oriented and market-driven approaches, so that our students meet up with the requirements and enhance any environment they step into in their future. We take innovative steps in blending the powerful combination of online learning and offline experiences in such a manner that it extends the opportunities available to students and at the same time pay due regard to the applied, scenario-based learning, through projects with industry involvement.

While ADYPU may be geographically located in Pune, it will serve the entire globe through a distinct approach and an ardently dedicated faculty. It will be my distinguished venture to take ADYPU to new heights so it becomes a highly respected institution of eminence, with well-established identity that is efficacious and takes cognizance of the future requirements. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” We shall take such words with the incumbent responsibility they bear and emanate the required distinction.

Transforming Education Through Innovation In Learning