Surbhi Shah

Surbhi Shah completed her education at a renowned school and college in Mumbai after which she successfully completed her Masters in Marketing and sales management with a diploma in textile designing from a leading institute for nurturing talent and has produced some of the best and extremely successful alumni. Her work experience not only came with her qualifications but with real-life circumstances that she was exposed to at an early age prior to completing her graduation. This was reinforced further by working in her family-owned textile mill and an export house. As a young apprentice, she headed the sales and exports division of this successful family enterprise.

Being on the factory floor gave her deep insights into the technical and production know-how of an efficient and profitable textile mill which included the entire gamut of its operations from the manufacturing process to its final production. A priceless experience that further helped her to fine-tune her skills in the business processes of this facility.

Her career was further enhanced with her exposure and experience with another family-owned business. This was a leading house of jewelry that was established almost a century ago in 1890. Perhaps one of the oldest and most prestigious jewelers to the likes of celebrities, Royal families from many parts of the world, the firm specializes in custom exquisite jewelry. The next generation of the family continues this legacy of fine jewelry. Today the firm continues to cater to a global audience keeping in tune with market realities and an ever-changing global world. Given this excellent background, she honed many business skills that got her to assist in an upcoming educational business venture in Europe.

She has served as the head of the European Headquarters of the D Y Patil Group and has been actively involved in the setup of an International K12 school in Belgium since 2010. The school made remarkable progress in its first few years of operations and continues to expand under her able leadership.

The school was setup up from an idea to reality in merely 7 months, which perhaps is a record of sorts in the operations of the D Y Patil Group. Right from the selection of the site, to its implementation Surbhi single-handedly led its setup. This included negotiations with several stakeholders, financial, legal, government, and the community at large. She continues to be on the board and plays a key leadership role in its functioning to date.

Business and Education are not her only talents, Surbhi is extremely passionate about art and has a degree in mosaic too. She has participated in several exhibitions and expositions both local and international and continues to inspire and create awareness amongst people on the ancient art form of Mosaic.