Teaching & Learning System - Ajeenkya DY Patil University

Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Our teaching, learning and assessment systems are well thought of at every level to help students with skills and knowledge to excel in the future, and take advantage of new opportunities. Emphasis is always on student-centered learning, personal development, creativity, intellectual rigor and technical ability aimed at increasing independence of approach, thought and process. The use of information technology plays an active role throughout the courses.

We would employ a variety of teaching styles, each suited to the subject being taught and characterized by learner preferences. A range of teaching methods is employed such as formal lectures, studios, laboratory experiments, team working, problem solving and experimentation. An active ‘hands on’ approach to learning is encouraged with workshops and projects, field trips and laboratory work. Students participate in building and testing prototype designs and undertake projects. Many of these projects are likely to come from Industry and business through Innovation Factory.

Faculty engages with students in small groups and on a one-to-one basis, to encourage an ‘individual’ response to set briefs. Our teaching and learning processes promote research, experimentation, analysis, evaluation, and self-criticism – all of which assist in arriving at the best possible solutions to a given academic or industrial challenge.

Imparting appropriate and transferable practical skills is central to the learning strategy of the program. Initiative and independence are fostered throughout, and develop incrementally as the course progresses. Analytical and problem solving skills are developed using a range of appropriate ‘real’ and ‘theoretical’ case studies and problem / task-based learning scenarios.

Knowledge is assessed, formatively and summative, by a number of methods, including, practical work, individual and group presentations, written coursework, laboratory experimentation, examinations (seen and unseen, open- and closed- book).

A personal development plan for each student is planned at the beginning of the year which encourages students to set targets for their own personal development under active guidance and mentoring of an appointed personal mentor.

Engaging, Experienced Faculty

Learning transforms who a student is, and what a student can do. Learning is not just an accumulation of skills and information, but also a process of becoming. Education at ADYPU is about learning how to think. Our faculty encourages students not become passive recipients of knowledge, but facilitate their path of discovery. With small class sizes, students are encouraged to think critically and express themselves clearly.

The ADYPU faculty is made up of enthusiastic and experienced full-time faculty members. World-class visiting faculty members from the finest institutions around the world support them.

These faculty members not only share knowledge of their fields and the subjects they teach, but also challenge and inspire students to explore new ways of thinking. The faculty has a lot of real-world experience to share. They constantly encourage students to discover new realms of knowledge. Through reviews of your work, you’ll constantly be challenged to raise your expectations of yourself.