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Innovation & Strategy

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About the Program

The MBA in Business Innovation & Strategy program is designed to prepare students to create business value and manage it in today’s globalized competitive environment.

The program is grounded in the business needs of current and future times, and addresses this with a combination of theory and practise, imparted in a practical environment through renowned faculty, noted business innovators, illustrious guest faculty and networking with business associations and chambers.

The program incorporates elements such as new product development, new service development, business model creation, business strategy, user research, market research, brand strategy, project management and leadership. This knowledge is imparted through emerging and proven tools, frameworks and approaches.



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About School of Management

Ajeenkya DY Patil School of Management aims to create innovative and insightful business leaders. We blend academic excellence with real-world business exposure to help students gain a deep understanding of the workings of modern businesses and the innovations required to keep them ahead of the curve.

We understand that innovation is powered by a thorough understanding of what people want and need in their lives, and empower our business students with the technical and design principles needed to develop this understanding. Our education focusses less on the traditional theory of business management, and more on how the leaders of the future can create, design and lead an idea of their own, which is the need of the hour.

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Why Choose ADYPU?

Customise Your Education

Flexible curriculum to align your academics with your career goals and acquire a diverse education.

Global Immersion

Extensive international partner university network to facilitate the exchange of ideas and thoughts.

Standard-based Curriculum

Curricula benchmarked against internationally developed frameworks for a truly global learning experience.

T-shaped Professional

Creating experts in the chosen domain (T’s vertical stroke), who know how their discipline interacts with others (horizontal stroke).

Innovation Factory

Encouraging the development of innovative products and services which positively enhance the quality of life for society.


Imparting high-quality leadership experience through workshops, programs, events, activities and specific courses.

Innovation & Learning

Preparing the next generation of ideagenerators, strategic thinkers, entrepreneurs & innovators.


Fully equipped placement and training cell that focuses on employment and employability.

Teaching & Learning

Student-centered learning that blends academic rigour and practical learning to inculcate critical problemsolving skills.

Student Experience

Offering a range of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences for a student’s all-round development.

Placement Opportunities

The Placement and Training Cell at Ajeenkya DY Patil University is an interface between industry practitioners and the student-body of ADYPU Online, facilitating both entities to make strategic hiring and career decisions. Many organizations recruit students and visit the institute year-after-year seeking extremely well prepared, highly motivated, professional and dynamic young individuals to join them in varied roles and responsibilities in the context of a challenging environment.

Our Placement Partners