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Program Overview

Bachelor of Design in Product Design

The program follows an inter-disciplinary approach to address a broad range of topics such as marketing, corporate strategy, user research, aesthetics, manufacturing, user interaction, materials, etc. The program is designed in such a manner that it integrates these multiple disciplines and amalgamates them with the core industrial design practices, so as to enable the students to develop new ideas, concepts, products and solutions. Centred around the three aspects of design i.e. design thinking, design making and design doing, the program exposes the students to the theory and practice of state-of-the-art product design and development through an array of specifically curated subjects.

Duration - 4 years Full-Time
Bachelor of Design in Transportation Design

The program offers a comprehensive, future-oriented curriculum that continually develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes that allows success in the practice of Transportation Design while incorporating the most current developments in the field. The course curriculum consists of design studios, which run throughout the program duration in each trimester. Allied subjects include areas, which are integral to the design process. The subjects are Basic Automobile Engineering, Vehicle Architecture, Vehicle Packaging and Materials Processes, Human Factors, User Research, Trends Analysis and Forecasting, Design Management, Marketing and Design, Branding, and Ergonomics.

Duration - 4 years Full-Time
Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design

The program offers a standards-based, time-tested curriculum based on internationally recognized academic standards and frameworks. The program offers students the art and science of conceptualization, visualization, design principles and execution of an idea. The program covers many salient courses related to digital, film and print media enabling students to work on diverse tasks ranging from creating advertisements for print or digital platforms to creating anything on-demand which needs to be graphically designed. The program also delivers hands-on expertise in terms of handling a variety of the latest software associated with graphic design.

Duration - 4 years Full-Time
Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design

The program is an innovative take on the conventional Fashion Designing curriculum. It employs design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies, lets students explore form, design, material, and process — including social and environmental imperatives — to create beautiful, sustainable, and responsible new age fashion for a complex and evolving field. During the program, students are encouraged to explore the broader contexts and applications of fashion design. The curriculum integrates the principles of fashion, textile and technology to impart comprehensive fashion education. The program also encourages exploration of form, silhouette, materials and processes including social, and environmental concerns to create innovatively sustainable and responsible fashion solutions for multicultural market scenarios.

Duration - 4 years Full-Time
Master of Design in Transportation Design

This program employs a future-oriented curriculum that continually develops the skills, knowledge and attitude that allows success in the practice of Automobile Design while incorporating the most current developments in the field. The curriculum aims to provide students with as many tools as possible to empower them as they go out into the world to develop their careers. Our curriculum prepares aspiring professionals to learn the theory and the practice that will enable them to go out into the working world with competence, maturity and the ability to operate independently.

Duration - 2 years Full-Time
Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Modeling

The program is specially developed keeping in mind the current and future industry requirements. It is a hands-on course, which enables students to pursue a creative career with technological skills. This is a unique course, which provides highly advanced, practical three-dimensional digital modelling knowledge and skills. Through the course, the students will acquire theoretical and technical knowledge within a project-based environment.

Duration - 1 years Full-Time