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Certificate in Mobile Applications for Business

Duration :70 Hours (12 Weeks)

Eligibility : This program is best suited for Business leaders, mid-level executives, mobile app development engineers and entrepreneurs who want to develop a mobile app strategy for their organizations.

  • Classroom Sessions – 16 Hours (4 Sessions in 2 Days; 4 Hours per Session)
  • Project – 10 Hours
  • Case Study – 5 Hours
  • Self-Learning – 30 Hours
  • Webinar (session by Industry expert) – 9 Hours (6 Sessions; 1.5 Hours per Session)
  • LMS Access – 3 Months
  • Collaboration App (Moxtra) Access – 3 Months

Why the Program?

The learning outcomes will be:

  • Appreciate the role and impact of mobile in business – strategies and approaches – and using mobile application development as a means of achieving business strategies 
  • Grasp the core concepts of the technical requirements and guidelines for the various mobile platforms
  • Develop superior business insights about the methods to establish a mobile strategy within the organisation
The Program

With customers on the move and increasing demand for information about products and products anywhere-anytime, organizations are going mobile to reach out, deliver and create an enriching customer experience.

It has become a mandate for organizations to build mobile apps for various objectives – create loyalty, reinforce brand awareness along with increasing visibility and accessibility. This course will help incumbents to understand various strategies that puts mobile within the core of any organizations customer strategy, and thus, its business.

The certificate course in Mobile Development for Business will help aspirants fathom the necessity of mobile app for a business.

The following topics will be covered in the course

  • Importance of mobile app strategy for your business
  • Role of mobile app in the successful implementation of a business strategy
  • Imbibe the methods to establish a mobile strategy within an organisation
  • Grasp the technical requirements and guidelines for iOS, Android, and Microsoft platforms