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MBA Hospitality Management

Duration :2 Year

Eligibility : Graduation in any discipline


“We teach specialists with specialists at MBA ESG. The company is at the heart of our teaching and our educational projects in order to immediately make you efficient, develop your network and then speed up your integration into the labour market. Effort, expertise, surpassing oneself are the values that we offer on integrating MBA ESG’s programmes.”

Alain KRUGER, Director of MBA ESG

MBA ESG Paris, was founded in 1990 as a one-year programmes with diversified specializations on Marketing, Sports, Event Management, Luxury, Finance. ESG Paris has 38, one- or two-years programmes and more than 30 years of teaching expertise. 11 of the programmes are certified at level 1 and recognised by the French State, registered at the NRPC. With a network close to 14 000 graduates and 14 000 job opportunities offered to ESG Group, per year; ESG Paris is the largest educational entity, in the post-graduate sector in Europe. MBA ESG ranks among the top 20 business schools in Europe and among the top 4 in Paris. 21 programmes of the ESG portfolio is ranked by Eduniversal 2020; including a prize on Innovation. By conducting more than 80 professional lecture series per year and having educational and professional partnerships with more than 300 companies, with 70% academic body comprising of industry professionals; ESG Paris ensured 10,000 internships, 850 corporate internship agreements and 380 professionalisation contracts in 2017-2018.

The pedagogy at MBA ESG connects students to the global corporate world through a case-study-based teaching model. The ELP (Experiential Learning Program) is an active consulting engagement undertaken by our students during the program. Two or three students work together as a team to develop practical and implementable solutions that serve to support as well as augment the client’s business potential. French industry professionals teach all elective subjects of the Sport Management, Luxury Management, and Hospitality Management programs at MBA ESG. They are researchers, experts, and leaders in their domains and many top business organizations from around the world seek their specialist analysis. These practitioners bring market insights derived through consumer research straight to the classroom. MBA ESG already enjoys a formidable reputation in the professional world around the world thanks to the 15000 alumni who are known for their excellent professionalism. While the instructors assess students’ performance and work throughout the year, students too get a chance to evaluate their teachers. By assessing the quality of training, students are empowered to have a say in their learning.

The Hospitality’s programme was launched on October, 1994 in Paris. Hospitality and Tourism were the two main topics taught. On year 2008, Hospitality became the sole focus for the academic team. This programme is connected with major international Hotel and Restaurant groups as Accor, Hyatt, Marriott, Intercontinental, Jin Jang / Louvre Hotels, Sodexo, Newrest as well as smaller groups and private owners in Europe (UK, Belgium, Netherland, Germany) overseas territories as Caribbean Island, Taihti, South America and United States.

MBA ESG Hospitality academic programs are based on two pillars:

This programme is designed and founded on the following premise:

  1. Courses are build and taught mainly by highly professional managers working currently in hotel and restaurant groups : Accor the largest European group brings to us their expertise with top managers: ie Alexandra Quesne, our hotel Distribution professor is VP EDGE/ Accor (distribution and management channel group), Christophe Bataillard, our Revenue Management Professor is the former Revenue Manager Accor Luxury Brands or Philippe Bijaoui COO South Europe CBRE- Hotel Real Estate. Finally, Pierre Chevallier – Head of Department, has 40 years in Hotel Industry as Deputy Manager for the French Hotel and Restaurants, or Regional Manager for various European groups oversize the department for 12 years. He developed the connections with hotel schools and expanded the Hospitality program in West Africa and France. Our academic team is led by Dean – Alain Kruger, PHD in Marketing, former Associate Dean – Marketing, at a top fifteen business School in Paris. Our major topics: Finance, Asset Management, Marketing, Hotel Distribution, E-Hospitality Marketing are taught on a case study session on an individual or group basis.
  2. MBA Hospitality offers its students to be hired or trained in hotel or restaurant or consulting companies and group headquarter on a three weeks monthly basis as trainee managers for a 24-month period. It helps to increase highly the employment rate with less than one-month delay.

To earn the much sought-after Professional Certificate from ESG, Paris; students in groups needs to exhibit competence through organising, engaging and exciting activities. The value-added ESG Paris Initiatives are as below:

Semester I:

  • Students in groups, present a Business Plan of a hospitality business of their choice; which will be judged by an expert panel from ESG Paris, Industry and ESG Bangalore.

Semester II:

  • The whole student cohort is to organise a theme-based event for the under-privileged section of society, in association with The Rotary Club of India. This is to be done in the presence of a representative of ESG Paris.

Semester III:

  • Students in groups, create an E-Marketing strategy of a hospitality organisation of their choice. These presentations are to be judged by an expert panel from ESG Paris, Industry & ESG Bangalore.

Semester IV:

  • The whole student cohort is to plan and execute a hospitality management conclave in the college; under the guidance of the faculty body and industry expert. Outcome to be presentation to ESG Paris.

These activities will be judged by a panel of experts from ESG Paris, Industry and ESG Bangalore.

  1. Students graduating from this programme, would be mentored and readied for non-operational roles in the hospitality sector:
  2. The primary pedagogical focus would be pragmatic in nature; which is the basis of ESG pedagogy – Learning by Doing.
  3. Two-week Paris visit for experiential-learning at a global level.
  4. Research Project of 45 days by being embedded within a live hospitality organisation, as Action Research.
  5. Specialisation courses and Guest Talks will be conducted by Hospitality professionals, from 5-star and 7-star deluxe hotels.
  6. 10 specialisation courses will be delivered by French faculty, flying-in from Paris.
  7. Programme Signature Courses –
    • Hospitality Valuation & Risk Management
    • Hospitality Etiquettes & Personality Development
    • Hospitality Business Simulation Games
  8. Placements will be through the on-the-job-learning route; depended on performance during this period.
  9. Master Classes by CEOs of relevant sectors.
  10. There will be inbuilt On-The-Job-Learning for 2 days-a-week; as continuous student internship.
Programme Outcomes:
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the global Hospitality sector; with special emphasis on India.
  • Demonstrate analytical skills, with respect to supply and demand of lodging, food and beverage sector and other related products and services of the Hospitality sector.
  • Apply marketing tools to achieve market and revenue leadership position of hospitality products, services and organisations.
  • Exhibit assessment and design skills for research, promotion and communication Strategies within the Hospitality sector.

Career Opportunities/ Prospects and Career Path: Hospitality Sales and Marketing Executive, Hospitality Revenue Management Executive, Hospitality Food & Beverage Controls Executive, Hospitality Finance Executive, Hospitality Public Relations Executive, Hospitality Corporate Offices Executive & Hospitality Facilities Management Executive. Apart from hospitality, graduates would also be absorbed in other related sectors.

Potential Employers: Hotel operations, Hospitality management, Food & Beverage & Hospitality consultant, are some examples. Additionally, Banks, retail, Travel & Aviation as well as Online travel agents, Customer Loyalty Management Companies.

Tie-Ups with Industry: Global & Indian 5-star & 7-star Hotel and Restaurant chains.

Specialisation Courses:
  • Brand Management in Hospitality
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Managing Technology in Hospitality
  • Events & Promotion in Hospitality
  • Hospitality Revenue Management – I
  • E-Marketing in Hospitality
  • Hospitality Facility & Designing
  • Hospitality Distribution
  • Hospitality Public Relation Management
  • Hospitality Etiquette and Personality Development
  • Hospitality Revenue Management – II
  • 12.Hospitality Valuation and Risk Management

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