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BBA Sport Management

Duration :3 Year

Eligibility : XII in any discipline


“We teach specialists with specialists at MBA ESG. The company is at the heart of our teaching and our educational projects in order to immediately make you efficient, develop your network and then speed up your integration into the labour market. Effort, expertise, surpassing oneself are the values that we offer on integrating MBA ESG’s programmes.”

Alain KRUGER, Director of MBA ESG

ESG Paris has 38, one- or two-years programmesand more than 30 years of teaching expertise. 11 of the programmes are certified at level 1 and recognised by the French State, registered at the NRPC. With a network close to 14 000 graduates and 14 000 job opportunities offered to ESG Group, per year; ESG Paris is the largest educational entity, in the post-graduate sector in Europe. MBA ESG ranks among the top 20 business schools in Europe and among the top 4 in Paris. 21 programmes of the ESG portfolio is ranked by Eduniversal 2020; including a prize on Innovation. By conducting more than 80 professional lecture series per year and having educational and professional partnerships with more than 300 companies, with 70% academic body comprising of industry professionals; ESG Paris ensured 10,000 internships, 850 corporate internship agreements and 380 professionalisation contracts in 2017-2018.

The pedagogy at MBA ESG connects students to the globalcorporate world through a case-study-based teachingmodel. The ELP (Experiential Learning Program) is an activeconsulting engagement undertaken by our students duringthe program. Two or three students work together as a teamto develop practical and implementable solutions that serveto support as well as augment the client’s business potential.French industry professionals teach all elective subjects ofthe Sport Management, Luxury Management, and HospitalityManagement programs at MBA ESG. They are researchers,experts, and leaders in their domains and many top businessorganizations from around the world seek their specialistanalysis. These practitioners bring market insights derivedthrough consumer research straight to the classroom.MBA ESG already enjoys a formidable reputation in theprofessional world around the world thanks to the 15000alumni who are known for their excellent professionalism.While the instructors assess students’ performance and workthroughout the year, students too get a chance to evaluatetheir teachers. By assessing the quality of training, studentsare empowered to have a say in their learning.

Building on the strengths of ESG Paris; the core of theBMS Sport Management has a three-pillar foundation on which the programme is constructed:

Program Design Driven:

This programme is designed and founded on the following premise:

  • Balance: There are 12 Core Courses and 13 Specialization Course under 2 components – Disciple Specific Electives & Core Electives; providing a near 50% weightage for each component.
  • Core courses are a delicate mix of foundational management functional subjects and pertinent but contemporary courses like Digital Marketing and Financial Management with GST.
  • All specialization courses are domain-relevant and contemporary.
  • rospective candidates’ personality development and transformation is intended to be achieved through Ability and Skills enhancing components of the curriculum matrix; where these subjects are skilfully interspersed throughout all 6 semesters.
Pedagogy Driven:

The programme execution and delivery will happen through an innovative system of dual pedagogy:

  • Blended pedagogy with strong theoretical underpinning: All courses of the programme has sound theoretical base and executed through an insightful blend of Lectures, Tutorials and Practical sessions; wherever it is relevant.
  • Learning by Doing pedagogy: This apprenticeship-type execution of specialisation courses is the very foundation of our global partner MBA ESG, Paris. This method revolves around hands-on learning; where intellectual evolution happens though activities in-class and/or beyond classroom boundaries. Students learn through engaging with and observation of experts practicing their art, in their specific domain; through an embedded system of field/industry visits.
Partner Driven:

MBA ESG, Paris a globally recognised French B-School, based at Paris, France, is our foundational partner. Being an extension of this global brand, we are enveloped in the same values, practises and philosophy of the brand. ESG, Paris propounds and practice their pedagogy of “Learning by Doing”, over many decades by incorporating simulation games, activities and a robust industry-academic interface, within their pedagogy. They believe, and their alumni placement and feedback indicate, that learning happens best through organisation and exhibition. Following this established and proven path; this programme has incorporated exciting & engaging group activities for each semester, over and above the semester courses, completion of which graduates will be awarded the much sought-after and globally-recognised Graduate Certificate from ESG, Paris. The portfolio of ESG Paris Value-added Initiatives are:

Semester I:

  • Students in groups, pick a sports movie and review it. Analyse the choice of the game, its impact, casting choices, sports coordinators for the movie, truthfulness and flaws, controversies and resolutions. Groups to present their review to a panel of experts from ESG Paris and Bangalore.

Semester II:

  • Students in groups will make a documentary of talent portfolio for a budding sportsperson of your choice (guided by a faculty) and pitch it a recognized sport brand of your choice. Each documentary will be judged by a panel at ESG, Paris.

Semester III:

  • Students in groups will build a Merchandising and Retail Strategy, based on primary data, for an institutional Sports team of your choice and submit a report of it. These group presentations will be judged by a panel from ESG Paris, Industry Expert & ESG Bangalore.

Semester IV:

  • The whole student cohort will organize a Sports Tournament for Differently-Abled people with a complete account of planning to execution; in association with The Spastic Society of India. This will be done in the presence of a representative of ESG, Paris.

Semester V:

  • Students in teams to identify a gap or opportunity in the business of sport and prepare a business plan; to be presented to a panel of experts from the Industry and ESG Bangalore.

Semester VI:

  • The student cohort plans and executes a Sports Management Conclave in your college. This will be guided by the faculty body of ESG Bangalore and Industry experts.

Upon successful completion of the ESG Value Addition activities, the student will be awarded a Graduate Certificate in addition to the BMS degree from Jain University.

Partner Driven:
  • A student must be able to analyse the business structures and principles of Sports as a business.
  • He/She must be able to apply the knowledge of management principles and practices to solve business problems, related to Sports.
  • He/She must be able to understand the management & organization of the entire Sports ecosystem.
  • He/She must be able to apply fundamental marketing concepts and marketing planning models to the Sport industry.

Career Opportunities/ Prospects and Career Path: Team Management Associate; Sports Coaching & Physical Education Associate; Social Media Associate; Events Planning Associate; Sports Marketing Associate; Grassroot Development Associate; Content Creation.

Potential Employers: Sports Leagues; Sports Media; Sports Brands; Sports Clubs, Sports Infrastructure; Sport Grassroot Organisations; Sports Analytics Organisations.

Specialization Courses:
  1. Sport Economics
  2. Sport, Celebrity and Place
  3. Sport Licensing & Merchandising
  4. Sport Organization & Administration
  5. Sport Marketing
  6. Sport Psychology
  7. Sport Broadcasting & Publication
  8. Sport Analytics
  9. Physiology of Sport, Exercise and Health
  10. Sport Technology
  11. Fundamentals of Sport Coaching
  12. Project Management – League Operations

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