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BBA - Sales & Marketing

Duration :3 Years

Eligibility : XII'th in any discipline


Marketing and sales is the pivotal component of every business in this world. The overall success of any business largely hinges on the strategies applied to successfully market the products or services. Concept selling is the soul of marketing and sales. Successful sales teams sell concepts rather than products or services. They design USPs and generate demand in markets for products and services.

Marketing consists of a long-range of activities which include conducting research to discover needs and wants of people in a market, analyzing people’s consumption behavior, developing products and services based on the market research, delivering them to the market efficiently, and communicating with customers about the products and services.

Generating demand in the market, creating product definitions, trending product and service usages, making people follow or unfollow certain products or services, analyzing product or service usages, understanding user-usage data and prognosticating the sales and profit related trends for the companies or organizations are the functions of marketing and sales profession. In today’s rapidly changing domestic and international markets the marketing and sales professionals have got unprecedented importance.

Our undergraduate program in Sales and Marketing offers significant opportunities to learn, understand and work on basic concepts related to marketing and sales. At ADYPU, the students get to learn the concepts not only by the most efficient professors, but also by industry professionals and experts and international faculties; and above all, what students learn is not just within the four-walls of the school but they actually work on real-industry concepts.

The school environment is open, relaxed and interactive so as to enable exchange of new ideas and gain a wealth of knowledge. The school is a perfect place for connections, knowledge and tools that you would need to transform your self and embark on a winning career as a successful Marketing and Sales Professional.

The Program

ADYPU School of Management offers you a unique program in Sales and Marketing designed to deliver you multiple benefits. BBA program in Sales and Marketing is based on internationally developed frameworks and offers you standards-based and business-validated curriculum. Students learn a number of fundamental concepts, theories and modules in the areas of micro and macro economics, accounting and finance, marketing intelligence, marketing strategy and planning, brand management, consumer behavior, marketing research, e-marketing, creative advertising, international marketing, statistics and many more.

Different courses in this program will help you understand the importance of various seemingly disparate factors in forming the business decisions of crucial importance. As a student, you would learn how to influence buyer behavior, analyze markets, conduct research related to marketing, collect market-related data, develop marketing strategies, create marketing plans and interpret market- related research. The program also immerses students in real-life marketing and sales assignments which take students beyond precept and theory.


Marketing and sales professionals are needed for each business. A BBA has a good scope in domestic and international job markets. Students can progress to acquire an MBA or enter job market with multiple job opportunities. Successful students can work in the areas of brand or product management, product promotion, product advertising, marketing research, market survey and analysis, sales management of retail and wholesale sales, etc. All these job-segments are growing at a rapid pace, with continuous and dynamic innovation. Our BBA program will enable you to be an extremely rigorous and productive professional who is capable of effectively meeting the needs of these segments.

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