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BBA International Business

Duration :3 Years Full-Time

Eligibility : XII'th in Arts / Science or Commerce


The process of internationalization together with continuous technology improvements, especially in the last three decades, has brought unprecedented flows of goods, services, labour and capital across national boundaries. World trade has become increasingly important, foreign direct investment is growing, and the competitive pressures on many industries and firms have intensified. There are big challenges for companies, which operate internationally. They are becoming engaged in modes of business that are different from those they are accustomed to domestically. Therefore, it is important to develop a better understanding of how these multinational firms are managed and controlled.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program with specialization in International Business will enable students to understand how firms become and remain international in scope by applying related management theories and techniques, New research findings, case studies and comparative perspectives on the management of internationally operating firms will help students to understand these issues in more detail, and that the local adaptation of business and management concepts developed elsewhere is crucial.

The program aims to prepare students for careers requiring global business awareness and to develop skills required to work in internationally operating companies and organizations. It provides the students with many opportunities, both to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the modules, and to develop a more in-depth understanding of common problems emerging in an international business environment.

This course aims at preparing students to work in such an environment that requires people, who do not only have the basics of management, but also understand how to move in a diverse, multicultural world. The coursework deals with management techniques that are applied to overseas firms and corporations. Students develop understanding of what factors affect a global firm. Topics studied include strategic planning, trade policies, culture diversification, public policy, and marketing.

A career in international business is especially suitable for people with an entrepreneurial flair and those who have good communication skills and it usually starts with a job opportunity in a multinational company for most professionals where their job description may vary hugely according to their education and skills.

The growth of international business has created a demand for people who have knowledge of global markets. With an international business degree, you could work in a number of positions in many different industries.

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