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B. COM – Accounting Analytics

Duration :3 years Full - time

Eligibility : XII’ th in Arts/Science or Commerce

The Bachelor of commerce with specialization in Accounting Analytics program aims at preparing students to succeed in the global business environment. The program focuses on providing students with business concepts of the international community. The coursework deals with management techniques that are applied to overseas firms and corporations. Students develop understanding of what factors affect a global firm. Topics studied include strategic planning, trade policies, culture diversification, public policy, and marketing. The degree program enables students to analyze the international market scenario, where they can skillfully recognize business opportunities and learn how to exploit them profitably. The program aims to prepare students for careers requiring global business awareness and to develop skills required to work in internationally operating companies and organizations. It provides the students with many opportunities, both to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the modules, and to develop a more in-depth understanding of common problems emerging in an international business environment.

The growth of international business has created a demand for people who have knowledge of global markets. With an international business degree, you could work in a number of positions in many different industries.

Some common job titles for B. Com in Business Analytics degree holders include:
  • Management Analyst
  • International Sales Representative
  • Market Research
  • Entrepreneur
  • International Banking Officer
  • Cultural Advisers
  • International Financial Analyst

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