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Master of Arts - International Relations

Duration :2 years, Full-Time

Eligibility : Graduation in any discipline – Science / Arts / Commerce / Engineering The Program:

The Program

The study of International Relations is a science as well as art. An International Relations degree requires familiarity with theoretical lenses (both normative and positive), and as a technique and practice it requires mastery of events and facts. Master of arts is best suitable for individuals who are yearning to develop a thorough understanding of the world around them. Our university makes this program rightly global by our theoretical approach being truly international maintaining relations spanning the entire cuboid that is planet Earth.

Master of Arts in International Relations has included dependency theories from South America in the syllabus along with a Subaltern approach conceptualized by Antonia Gramsci, further elaborated in India by postcolonial scholars. Gender theories of International Relations are not an afterthought in this course but are woven in an integrated whole of the course structure. Introducing students to globalization and the environment, this study is the historical narrative of International Relations as an academic discipline built through ‘the evolution of international relations.’

Dynamics of domestic politics and the International Relations degree are not only traced through the intervening study of foreign policy but have been given due recognition through the elaborate study of domestic politics via comparative politics. Choices explode as we progress with the course. From the second semester onwards students have ample choice between the various master of arts subjects ranging from Diplomacy, International Organizations, Terrorism, Peacekeeping, Security Studies to the choice of studying the Foreign Policy of specific countries.


Master of Arts in International Relations will help you not only in academic advancement but promises lucrative careers in dynamic fields such as government, corporations, media, academia, and so on. As the world gets more globalized, It will need more professionals with expertise in International Studies.

The career chances of students are enhanced through professional courses such as:

  • International Law
  • International Trade Economics
  • Writing about International Relations

Students will be benefitted from internships that we offer to impart hands-on job training.

Academic rigor is maintained through frequent seminars and conferences where you meet leading captains of the field.

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