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The world today is becoming increasingly complex and as a result of this exponentially cumulative intricacy, industries today need, not only engineers and technologists, but people who generate creative ideas in a data-rich world.

The skills to succeed in the 21’st century are much different than traditionally understood by us. Today multidisciplinary thinking is important along with collaboration. Companies need people with a broad set of skills and experience to solve wicked problems, people with passion, integrity, and intelligence. All of which a liberal arts education provides.

Various jobs in the industry need professionals who create meaningful decisions out of seemingly disparate fields of knowledge. For example, a sociologist can help a software company to design and develop software for a public-funded poverty alleviation program or a psychologist can assist a product designer to create a successful product campaign for a company.

Liberal Art professionals look at the problem from many different angles, which can scarcely be seen by a hard-core technologist, engineer, or programmer and that’s why they are so special. At the end of the day, even the most fascinating technology can fail if it can’t serve the people for whom it is created. On the other hand, simple gadgets and services with less technology can make wonders in markets if they are accessible to their target users and promoted using the best social and soft skills.

Bachelor of Arts

Duration : 3 years

Eligibility : XII'th in Arts or Science or Commerce.

Master of Arts – International Relations

Duration : 2 years, Full-Time

Eligibility : Graduation in any discipline – Science / Arts / Commerce / Engineering The Program:

ACET 2023



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