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B.Sc Film Making

Duration :3 years

Eligibility : 12th Pass Any Stream


Filmmaking is the field that requires a flair to understand storytelling in motion, and transitioning ideas onto the reel. A filmmaker, or film director, is someone who is in charge of making, leading, and developing movie productions. It is a career that allows an individual to use their leadership as well as creative thinking skills to lead and direct major motion pictures or made-for-television films.

Program Highlights:
  • Understand the process of gathering and analyzing content
  • Develop anchoring and interview skills for Live Production
  • Develop writing skills for different media platforms
  • Hands-on experience with Camera and Audio gear to produce Audio-Visual Content
  • Produce content for digital media
  • Understand trends in Indian and global media
  • Learn the techniques of Live studio production
  • Produce Documentaries
  • Learn software like Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Premier Pro to produce media content
  • Learn the skills of Data Analysis and presenting
  • PR and Corporate communication to help you work with big corporate companies
  • Learn the skills of Investigative Journalism
What will you explore as part of the program?
  • From Idea to Screen – How to develop concepts, step by step, into workable stories and compelling Screenplays.
  • Camera & Lighting Techniques – The aesthetics and technology of the camera, lights, and other equipment to create cinematic visuals.
  • Production Workflow – A solid module in breaking down the production process from Pre to Post.
  • Mise-en-scène – How the ‘look’ is envisioned, and creative insight harvested from a Director’s vision to execution.
  • Film Research – Making strong content that appeals to different target groups using research techniques.
  • Production Management – How the Production Workflow transforms into an Action Plan is immaculate planning and smart decisions.
  • The Power of Post Production – How Picture and Sound techniques play an intricate role in telling, transforming, and interpreting a story.
  • Documentary Filmmaking – Truth is Stranger than Fiction, and how to tell it authentically and effectively.
  • Studio Production – Creating a television show in a live studio environment!
  • Short Film Projects – Group & Individual – Where it all comes together!
  • Commercial Production- Creative Storytelling from a Brands perspective.
What will you explore as part of the program?
  • Work closely in audio-visual and visual projects
  • Use research skills for media content production
  • Effectively work in the Advertising and marketing industry
  • Intricately involved society and culture in projects
  • Implement the fundamentals of media and communication studies in assignments, projects, and other work
  • To demonstrate fluency in visual storytelling and be able to master technical skills in one or more of the following areas of emphasis: Writing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing
  • To inculcate effective communication skills by consistently interacting with creative professionals and the society at large by being able to comprehend audience requirements and tell compelling stories
  • Capability to use cinema apparatus and software to create film, TV, and OTT content and to build the capacity to solve real-life problems by designing and developing novel products and solutions for emerging new media opportunities.
  • Understand and assess societal, environmental, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues within local and global contexts, and the consequential responsibilities relevant to creative requirements.
  • Function effectively as a team player and facilitate a cooperative and conducive environment to work in diverse teams and multidisciplinary environments
  • To be able to analyze, evaluate and formulate cohesive arguments or thoughts after careful reflection and appreciate the aesthetics of film form
  • Recognize the need to engage in independent learning for continual development as a creative professional.
How will you be taught?
  • Since the nature of the program is primarily practical, students will be given hands-on training to understand the entire filmmaking process.
  • They will spend about 75% of their time on campus learning the practical tools of filmmaking in the Chroma studio or shooting on campus.
  • The methods deployed will be a combination of lectures along with practical demonstrations, and workshops. presentations and discussions
  • Students will also regularly attend film screenings regularly to deepen their understanding of the cinema medium.
Ideal Skills & Qualities for this Program:
  • Technical Skills
  • Writing and Creative Thinking
  • Should be adept at understanding the functions of camera and lighting
  • Post Production Skills
  • Very good communication skills
How you will spend your time:
  • The lectures will be conducted on campus with live demonstrations of the camera, lighting, and the entire process of Practical filmmaking.
  • After about 6-8 classes assignments are rolled out for the students to be completed via our Online ERP
  • At the end of each semester, students have to execute a short film in a group which may also require interdepartmental collaboration
  • Every Semester will contain 2 Mid Term Examinations and 3 assignments which will be collectively taken as the internal mark which will decide the eligibility of the student to appear for the Semester End Examination.
  • During the semester there will be workshops conducted at least once a month by industry experts on varied topics like- Writing, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Producing, and Sound design
Activities for this program:
  • Students often go to International Film Festivals or Film Summit/Seminar as and when the event happens
  • Students participate in intra and inter-collegiate film festivals. Also, film festivals happening outside the college circuit
  • As a part of the Film Club Activity, students meet weekly to watch and discuss a film
Career & Opportunities:
  • Production Assistant
  • Co-Writer, Assistant Editor
  • Assistant Camera operator
  • 1st and 2nd Assistant Director
  • Independent Filmmaker.
  • Editor
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