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M.Tech Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Duration :2 years

Eligibility : B.E. / B. Tech. Computer Engineering


The market of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is growing rapidly and spreading across the globe. This is a very vast discipline that consists of several important components which include building programming architectures, designing computer hardware systems, developing peripheral equipment used for business, military, scientific applications, maintaining and building IT infrastructures for different types of organizations, designing intranet and internet security systems, designing new software computer programs, developing and using artificial intelligence in various applications, and many more. Computer engineering is the discipline of consistent innovations, dynamic thinking, and a 360-degree approach.

The Program

In M. Tech. AI & ML students learn advanced techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Today the application area of ML is growing widely in different domains viz. social media, e-commerce, road and traffic control, health management, education management, human resource management, automotive, and more. In this course, students will not only learn various advanced concepts in machine learning & artificial intelligence, but they would also investigate complex problems through research and would also effectively utilize appropriate modern engineering tools to find innovative solutions. M.Tech. students conduct research, analyze complex problems, design, and develop a variety of solutions. These real-time applications, research, and problem-solving approach helps to create not only a technically strong engineer but also an ethical and socially sensitive and responsible human being as well.

The program delivers knowledge of several advanced and research-based concepts involving wide and intricate industry applications. Students avail themselves several opportunities to learn in many modes, which include excellent classroom instruction by experienced professors, real-life programming projects, laboratory experiments and illustrations, workshops by industry experts, and industry internships. At ADYPU, the students get to learn the concepts both in a classroom-based setting and they also learn by working on real-time industry challenges.


Our students will be prepared as independent thinking individuals who create new opportunities for businesses and organizations by bringing out new solutions and driving new technologies. They will be a key to make enterprises more productive and competitive.

This is a great time to join the AI & ML field as the implementation of this technology is gathering momentum. According to a study, the professional social media platform, LinkedIn currently has more than 23,000 jobs for an ML engineer from various hiring organizations through the pandemic. Some of the giant companies hiring for AI & ML are Google, Accenture, Morgan Stanley, PayPal, etc.

As machine learning requires knowledge of computer programming, statistics, and data evaluation, the future is wide in machine learning and students can gain leadership roles in automation or analytics environments that use big data analysis, data science, AI integration, etc.

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