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B.Tech Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

Duration :4 years

Eligibility : XII'th Science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics


Mechatronic Engineering combines principles of mechanics, electronics and computing. It is an integrated approach to design and operate electro-mechanical systems. Our everyday life is filled with such devices. It is so common that we do not notice them are mechatronics based systems. Today every device has a electrical and computing component. This makes the study and practice of mechatronics that much more crucial. Mechatronics engineering concentrates on precision control of mehcanical and machine systems wherein control is achieved electronically through the use of sensors, actuators and microprocessors.

IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics was the first referred journal that focused on Mechatronics. In the first issue (March 1996), mechatronics was defined as: “The synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacturing of industrial products and processes.” Ten specific topics were identified under the general category of mechatronics: Modeling and Design, Motion Control, System Integration, Vibration and Noise Control, Actuators and Sensors, Micro Devices & Optoelectronic Systems, Intelligent Control, Automotive Systems, Robotics and Manufacturing.

Examples of mechatronic systems could be given as hybrid automobiles, automotive anti-lock braking systems (ABS), automotive electronic fuel injection system, aircraft flight control and navigation systems, SLR cameras, automated manufacturing systems such as robots, CNC machines, packaging systems, artificial organs, mechanised wheelchairs, photocopy machines, alternative power generation systems and many more. All these systems are not simply an addition of electronics on a mechanical devices, but are integrated seamlessly. This program approach is similar.

As students of this program you will study courses in mechanical engineering, electronics engineering and computing. You will learn to integrate analog and digital circuits, learn about microprocessors and mechanical devices including sensors, actuators, and controls. You may design micro-controller or micro-processor based intelligent systems and machines to perform variety of tasks. You may work to design consumer products such as washing machines or would utilise your skills for a robotised material handling system. Throughout the course, you will try and discover new ways of thinking that can enhance the utility, performance and efficiency of modern machinery.

As the world around us becomes more and more automated, as we continue to innovate machines and systems that reduces human effort to perform repetitive tasks as well as intelligent tasks, the job of mechatronics engineer becomes more interesting. There is tremendous potential in this field of engineering and will serve diverse interests of students from designing a car safety device to making of an intelligent robot to utilise the knowledge gained for exploiting the renewable energy sources.

The Program

The program is a blend of courses from different engineering domains brought together in a purposeful manner to serve the specific purpose of preparing cutting-edge mechatronics engineers. The focus is on conceiving and designing original new products involving electro-mechanical systems.

After the common first year, the students start discovering the field from the second year onwards. Students learn about different areas of engineering such as digital and analogue electronics, software development and control systems.

The program covers subjects and areas like electronic circuit and systems design, fluid mechanics, strength of materials, mechanics of machines, computer programming, electromechanical system design, robotics and manufacturing automation.

Besides several class projects and the three year project during the first years, in the final year you will work on a team-based major project which will include research, design, component sourcing, construction, testing and documentation of a cutting edge electro mechanical device.


Mechatronic engineering skills are in great demand nationally and internationally. As mechatronic engineers your expertise will be valued by companies in the field of energy technology, manufacturing, combustion, noise and vibration control, aeronautics, water supply, mining, and pollution control. You will find occupation in consumer goods industry such as those manufacturing washing machines, cameras, video recorders. Automotive industry offers a huge area of opportunity for mechatronics engineers. Mechatronics engineers will find openings in manufacturers of medical machines, Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls and drives, Automated production systems and Robotics. You will also be able to find jobs with companies who are looking for combined expertise of mechanical and electronics engineering.

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