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B.Tech Aerospace Engineering

Duration :4 years

Eligibility : XII Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math’s as subjects Students who have not chosen Math’s as a subject in their XII will have to complete a bridge course in Math’s at the university.


B.Tech. program in Aerospace Engineering is aimed at imparting sound knowledge in the fundamental areas of the discipline and also exposing students to advanced applications of this knowledge. The students will get specialized training in the design and development of launch vehicles, aircraft, and spacecraft.

Aerospace Engineering deals with unlike most traditional ground-based systems, optimality and reliability are of paramount importance in such systems. This necessitates accurate theoretical and experimental analyses of a variety of phenomena, and performance predictions of a variety of complex systems. Aerospace Engineering is the discipline that is closest to what is popularly known as Rocket Science.

Aerospace Engineering science has developed to include technological breakthroughs. Aerospace engineers have a lot of opportunities in the commercial and defense sectors of the aviation and space industries. They have several chances in both the public and private sectors, with exposure to both domestic and international organizations. Aerospace engineers are drawn to space exploration research. Drone technology promises to be an exciting moment for aerospace engineers. Drone technologies, satellite technologies, autonomous systems, air transport systems, and space-based internet technologies promise to be exciting times for aerospace engineers.

Program Highlights:
  • Two value-added Certification Programmes.
  • Every year Internship for practical exposure
  • Foreign languages
Ideal Skills & Qualities for this Program:
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Creative and able to see alternative ways of things
  • Communication skills
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Good with mathematics and physics
  • Technical Acumen
  • Interested in Aviation and Space science
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Focus and passionate
What you will study?
  • Aerodynamics & fluid dynamics
  • Propulsion Aerospace
  • Composite materials
  • Space System design
  • Aircraft structure
  • Mechanics of solid
  • Aircraft Stability and Control
  • Gas Dynamics
  • Rocket Propulsion
Career in Aerospace Engineering
  • Design various complex systems such as spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, and weapons systems
  • Maintaining that these system function properly
  • Managing the control room for such systems
  • Ensuring safety and security features in such complex systems
  • Providing solutions to make the system work again if it malfunctions
  • Assembling and testing of such systems
  • Guide the pilots of aircraft in aviation and navigation
  • Developing new technologies related to navigation, instrumentation, and communication; robotics; and propulsion and combustion.
  • Coming up with new technologies for such systems
  • Designing components of these complex systems
  • Ensuring they do not harm the environment
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