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Postgraduate Diploma - Digital Modeling

Duration :9 Months

Eligibility : Graduation in any discipline – Science / Arts / Commerce / Engineering or 3 years Full-Time Diploma in Engineering


Digital Modeling allows you to bring ideas to reality in quick time. It powers the creative design process and is the perfect catalyst between design and engineering. The digital modeling process captures ideas and sketches and converts them into 3-D models. Modeling is a critical part of the design workflow, an important cog in the wheel. It allows to easily and flexibly iterate the modeled forms in various combinations until the time that the final design is frozen.

It is known by various names such a Digital Modeling, Digital Sculpting, Math Modeling, etc. Irrespective of the name it is called, it helps to connect design and engineering helping to collaborate effectively. It helps to communicate two-dimensional concepts in three-dimensional form and validate the Class-A surface data. It embodies concept exploration, design modeling, precision surfacing, reverse engineering, visualization and communication, collaboration and interoperability.

The faculty and course content ensures that students are taught at the highest industry standards and they learn from the very best. The main tool used in Digital Modeling is Autodesk Alias.

The Program

The course is specially developed keeping in mind the current and future industry requirements. It is a hands-on course, which enables students to pursue a creative career with technological skills. It is important to understand that this program is not about teaching design, but about the digital tools, which helps to convert designs and concepts into three-dimensional models.

This is a unique course, which provides highly advance, practical three-dimensional digital modeling knowledge and skills. Through the course, the students will acquire theoretical and technical knowledge within a project-based environment.

The program starts with familiarizing students with the software and the methodology of taking paper / digital sketches and converting them to digital models. Each lesson will begin with the theoretical description, explanation and use of commands and features of the software and will culminate with specially designed exercises. Students will end up with a 3-D model of a complete car. The success of the course depends a lot on practice for which time will be provided.

Ability for hard-work, patience, attention to detail, aesthetic appreciation, clear communication in terms of understanding and explaining is extremely important for program success.


This is a perfect course for students interested in Automobile Design, but who do not have the time or inclination to pursue full-time automobile design course. Through this course, you will connect yourself to the field of automobile design and will be an integral part of the design-development process.

This nine months course is a perfect preparation for you to be a candidate of choice in any manufacturing or design organization. While the focus is on automobile designing, through the skills acquired during the course you can pursue a job in any other engineering industry or engineering services company within India or abroad.

Today there is a severe dearth of digital modelers; as a result there is a premium for people who have industry relevant skills and knowledge. This short program is a passport to immediate placement within an organized automobile or engineering industry setup.

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