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Bachelor of Design - Graphic Design

Duration :4 years, Full-Time

Eligibility : XII'th in any discipline - Science / Arts / Commerce


Graphic design is the soul of each best news published, each excellent movie screened, each impressive and successful website created, or each attractive presentation made. Graphic design is the most useful branch of knowledge for all; for business, for publishers, for artists, film-makers, website designers and day-to-day simple users to create their messages clearly and more impressively. Graphic design is also known as advertising design, corporate identity design, typographic design, packaging design, multimedia design, signage design, editorial design, web design and many more such names. Graphic design is the most important tool for branding of a product or a service. It efficiently enhances the product or service usability, enriches user experience and hence strengthens positive branding of a product or service.

In today’s virtual or digital age, graphic design has helped people to cut costs on transportation and decision making. Digitalization has made web-designing and digital branding critical to business, education, trade, journalism, commerce, film-making and each enterprise in this world. People or customers can make informed decisions about services or products by understanding product or service simulations virtually. Manufacturers can cut costs by presenting their products or services using effective graphic design practices and principles and take their products to the desired customers cost-efficiently. Universities and colleges can provide their academic programs using interactive e-learning modules based on design principles and this has of late created an innovative revolution in the field of education. Graphic design is at the base of all these vital and indispensable developments.

Our undergraduate program in BDes Graphic Design delivers you in-depth knowledge of several fundamental concepts related to design and creation of graphics for variety of industry. Students are exposed to multiple opportunities to learn with the help of exquisite class-room instruction by experienced professors, laboratory demonstrations, industry assignments, workshop by seasoned professionals and real-time industry internships.

The Program

ADYPU School of Design offers you an excellent B. Des (Graphic Design) program. The program offers standards-based, time-tested curriculum based on internationally recognized academic standards and frameworks. The program offers students the art and science of conceptualization, visualization, design principles and execution of an idea. The program covers many salient courses related to digital, film and print media enabling students to work on diverse tasks ranging from creating advertisements for print or digital platforms to creating anything on-demand which needs to be graphically designed. The program also delivers hands-on expertise in terms of handling variety of latest software associated with graphic design.

The study of the course includes subjects like sketching, visualization techniques, typography and publication design, design principles of still and moving images, user interface graphics, colour theory, advertising design, layout theory, design management and many other subjects. Students learn in real-time industry environment delivering them practical feel of the work waiting for them in real-life.

The school environment is loaded with openness, innovation and interactivity to enable exchange of new ideas and gain a wealth of knowledge. The school is a perfect place for connections, knowledge and tools that you would need to transform you into a successful graphic designer.


Multitude of career options for graphic designers await in various industries. Each industry is undergoing a huge digitalization today creating an unprecedented demand for graphic designers all over the world. Various types of jobs are available for graphic designers in public and private sectors. Media companies, publication houses, marketing agencies, fashion houses, boutiques, hotels, corporate offices, colleges etc. hire graphic design graduates.  In addition to these jobs, students can also start their own business providing web-design and graphic design services.



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