Bachelor's Degree
Automobile Design
ELIGIBILTY XII'th in any discipline - Science / Arts / Commerce or 3 years Full-Time Diploma
DURATION 4 years, Full-Time

Programs School of Design

Global Reach
T-Shaped Learning
Creative & Imaginative

The program is centered around the three aspects of design i.e. design thinking, design making and design doing. Design making focuses around design skills such as ideation, drawing, and sketching. Design doing is the final frontier where one understands the technical possibility, business feasibility associated with the concept and end up with digital and physical prototypes.

Program Offers

Students are taken through design fundamentals which consist of four subareas: design history, hand-drawing, graphic design and form studies. Integration of those subareas aims at the acquisition of design knowledge and skills from several perspectives and development of creative abilities. An industrial designer is expected to master knowledge and understanding of design aspects in a historical context.

Masterclass and Industry Meets
Know the Experts

Our design students get exposure to many industry experts and their guidance help the students to excel in their desired field with lot of dedication and determination.

The experts our from various renowned industry international and national engagement within the school helps the students gain lot of confidence and creative approach.

To make the students have the best of the knowledge to develop the communication with the experts for their better future.

Course Curriculum
Semester 1

Elementary Sketching and Illustrations; Elements of Design; History of Design; Craft Exposure and Creative Art Work; Design Overview; Composition and Rhetorics

Semester 2

Design Drawing; 3D Form Design; Art and Aesthetics Appreciation; Physical Model Making; Photography and Digital Editing; Writing 1; Environmental Studies

Semester 3

Automotive Design Drawing; Designing Automotive Forms; Digital Rendering 1; Materials and Processes 1 (Metals); Design Research and Information Synthesis; History of Automobile Design

Semester 4

Design Studio 1; Vehicle Ergonomics and Packaging; Digital Rendering 2; Materials & Processes 2 (Plastics + Composites); Portfolio 1; Design Presentation Techniques

Semester 5

Design Studio 2 (Commercial); Digital Modelling 1 (Alias Automotive Basics); Design Studio 3 (Conceptual); Automotive User Interface; Introduction to Automotive Technologies

Semester 6

Design Studio 4 (2 wheelers); 2 Wheeler Sketching & Rendering; 2 Wheeler Ergonomics & Packaging; 3D CAS Advanced (Alias Automotive); Portfolio 2; Design Reviews

Semester 7

Design Studio 5; Trend Analysis and Forecasting; Design Studio 6; Product Planning and Strategic Branding

Semester 8

Degree Project; Project Documentation & Presentation


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Creative Exterior Designer

Entitled to enhance the vehicle exterior looks in terms of form treatment, material play, attention to details such rims, lights, grill are the few of many to begin with. This role involves sketching with use of pen/pencil on paper, marker renderings, digital renderings, tape drawings.

Creative Interior Designer

Profile that caters to creating bespoke interiors for vehicles expressing through choice of materials, fabrics, ambience keeping ergonomics well under check. This role involves sketching with use of pen/pencil on paper, marker renderings, digital renderings, tape drawings, inspection of prototypes etc.

Human Interface Designer

Human Interface Designer- Human Interface designer creates a human centered design with which we can interact with the product. His/her job is to create an appealing design with colors, fonts and designs. Making the usage of the product easier.

Color & Trim Designer

The profile aligns within Exterior/Interior Designer profile. A sharp eye for colors, hues, contrasts, materials used, fabrics used, textures applied, artistic stitching achieved etc. that reflect the enhancement of exterior/interior of vehicles. People from Fashion Design too associate well with this profile.

Visualization Designer

Creates a 3D environment, close to reality and assesses the appeal of the vehicle exterior/interior with rich lighting conditions, applying permutations and combinations of paint jobs, material selections, opening/closing of components, static/dynamic simulation etc.

Digital Modeller

With advancements in technology, it’s faster, easier and cost effective to have the vehicle completely modeled in 3D before a 1:1 scale prototype is built. They build life size interior/ exterior on computers with production ready surfaces that could be either sent for clay milling or exported to engineering softwares.

Design Strategist

Design Strategist has a creative and logical outlook for the company. He has to come up with goals to engage the customers with new ideas and experiences. He needs to work with corporate strategies and design thinking to engage the customers on a greater level.

Design Researcher

Design Researcher has to study human experience and behavior. He has to carefully study.analyse and implement new ways to inspire customers’ needs and experiences. He has to be constantly updated with the new trends and possible directions in the world of design.

Automotive UI/UX Designer

Automobiles these days are getting far more sophisticated on technology adding to convenience. Providing a ‘One-point access’ information center is delivered by providing screens. The content and graphical layout needs to be designed by the Interface and Experience Designers.

Clay Sculptor

One of the oldest practices in Automotive Design among few others. Artisans are skillful with a keen eye to observe the slightest details and replicate onto automotive clay. A steady hand, attention to details and lots of patience are the key traits of this department! They work both on interior and exterior