Mapping the Future

Spiritual Resilience

Published On : 30th March, 2020

Published By : Adypu

We are all facing a very uncertain and testing time due to the corona epidemic. Given the current lockdown we all as Indians need to follow Prime Minister Modi’s call to maintain social distancing. I heard the Prime Minister speak, and every time he does he offers complete clarity on the subject, he is clear, lucid and practical, needless to say I feel reassured that he is at the epicentre of all our defence strategies.

The more positive aspect of working together has also shown how political differences can be kept aside, when we are faced with a common threat to humanity at large. India needs to band together, and defeat this demon, and defeat it, it will. While all our best minds, work together, to defeat this pandemic, I am sure, India with its great tradition of God loving people will win this with its sheer spiritual resilience. Even the Gods will show mercy to its loving population.

Recently I was involved with the ATI Rudra Yagna, and the vedic scholars told me about the science behind this ritual, today when we are faced with such a dire threat, I feel that these scholars were so right. They were praying for the welfare of the world, for the health of the world, and for the happiness of the world. Don’t we all need that now, yes we need that even more.

Traditional Indian ways have always taught us to live in harmony with nature, we have been taught over the years to respect nature, these were not just mere religious practices, but rather scientific processes which kept the fine balance of nature. Starting with Namaste, the world today is forced to practice this greeting, in the absence of handshakes or contact. We ate in banana leaves, that were biodegrade, and never felt the need for plastics. Our food was nutritious and gave us all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for living well. Perhaps we need to retrospect, is this a virus that is causing so much pain, or is it nature hitting back and warning us to mend our ways.

It is still not late, we continue to pollute and massacre the planet with our relentless pursuit of greed and excesses. We fight wars over oil and territory, we fight to achieve power. It is time we changed, Humans while being the most creative and intelligent species on the planet have been the most destructive and have caused maximum damage to the planet. The planet is hitting back.

Social media is causing chaos all over and further amplifying the fear and panic, we must again retrospect and spread love and prayers, and not fear and panic. The net was meant to connect us, just like how our traditions teach us, that we are all derived from the same spirit, a little of God is in us all, we are all one, and live in our duality and in ignorance of our greater good as a species, the Bhagwat Geeta explains this beautifully. We are all very insignificant in the vastness of space, it is time we fully understand our place in the universe and stop damaging it with our actions.

Today we have no choice to do this, but are forced by a greater force of nature that has made every human realise the fragility of their existence, respect this, learn from this, evolve from this, God will always bless you. My faith in the almighty is unwavering and humans will emerge stronger from this calamity, there is a fundamental shift in the planets vibration, and I truly feel we will move towards an era of peace and happiness, provided we grasp it, manifest it and imagine it. I request one and all to pray for the welfare of all, the power of prayers will change our vibratory existence and act as a catalyst for harmony and peace.