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Any Graduate from a recognized University with 50% Marks.

Program Highlights

ADYPU School of Management’s MBA in Finance provides students with the skills needed to understand how businesses operate and make financial decisions.

The program is designed to help students with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of business finance and financial markets, asset management, and banking and broking. Students will learn to develop financial strategies for the global, connected financial landscape and gain an insight into the contextual application of technology for modern fintech.

The global curriculum for this program ensures that students will be able to make strategic personal and business financial decisions. They will be able to provide critical suggestions to the government and non-government organizations on a variety of issues concerning strategic financial management.

The course prepares students to take up key positions in banks, investment banks, financial consultancies, and nonbanking financial institutions. Additionally, students will also be well-suited for key positions such as CFOs, financial analysts, financial asset managers, investment banking consultants, insurance, and risk officers in various industries.

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