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ADYPU School of Design’s Master of Design - Automobile Design incorporates the most current developments in the field to continually develop students’ skills, knowledge, and attitude for a successful career in Automobile Design

The first half of the program is dedicated to learning the fundamentals, while the second is focused on putting the skills learned in the early terms into practice. Automobile Design subjects run throughout the program duration in each trimester. Students engage with a number of projects during the course of the program. These projects focus on both the interior and exterior of an automobile. The practical knowledge gained from live projects and industry leader interaction acts as a training ground and prepares students for future employment.

The automobile industry has grown immensely over the past years and in India, it is exploding. With the future firmly focused on electric and self-driving cars, automobile designers are at the enter stage of this exciting industry. Students completing this course will find work with automobile companies, design studios, and offices. The course teaches students to translate user needs and preferences into a finished product through engineering techniques, design skills, and in-depth market research.

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