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Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory

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Everything around us is transforming on a daily basis. Technology, social changes, demographics and many more known and unknown factors are driving this change. This transformation needs new responses. Old solutions to new problems will not work anymore. Radical new thinking is needed to tackle the emerging challenges.

Innovation is the only way to make a difference. The capability to innovate is increasingly important in a globalized, industrialized, and knowledge-based economy. Inculcating the capability to innovate is the main focus of the Innovation Factory.

The Innovation Factory is another distinctive offering of ADYPU. It is a place where students together with their peers from the industry solve the most-pressing challenges of the industry as well as society at large. The main aim of the innovation factory is to develop innovative products and services which positively enhance the quality of life of people and contribute to increasing India’s competitiveness in the global market.

The Innovation Factory is a platform for project-based learning. Projects are either industry sponsored or can even be self-generated. The iterative process begins with framing or re-framing of a problem, idea generation, finally resulting in a demonstrable prototype. Besides honing their skills and knowledge in an applied scenario, students acquire several key proficiencies like project management, leadership and team skills. Above all they enjoy the thrill of being part of a real-world project, which is very likely to end up in the market.

The Innovation Factory helps to not only augment the quality of education but builds bridges with the industry and society. For the industry, the Innovation Factory is a valuable resource, which enables them to tap into the fresh ideas of bright ADYPU students ably supported by our world-class faculty to develop new solutions, products or services that they need to out-class the competition.